Nearby Hospitals To Apollo Bay Australia

Nearby Hospitals To Apollo Bay Australia in Australia benefit from the proximity of Avalon Airport, just a 2-hour drive away, providing medical facilities and services. This guarantees speedy admittance to medical care for occupants and guests the same. Additionally, Colac Area Health, roughly 50 minutes away, offers comprehensive medical care.

The mix of these offices adds to the security and prosperity of the local area, permitting them to partake in the seaside magnificence of the coastal beauty of Apollo Bay with peace of mind. Whether exploring the Great Ocean Road or enjoying local attractions, the convenience of nearby hospitals improves the general involvement with this enchanting waterfront town.

Hospitals Close To Apollo Bay Australia

  • South West Healthcare  Warrnambool Base Hospital
  • Otway Health & Community Services  Lavers Hill Campus
  • Apollo Bay Hospital
  • Colac Area Health – Apollo Bay Campus
  • Lorne Community Hospital
  • Anglesea Medical Group
  • Lorne Medical Centre
  • Terang & Mortlake Health Service – Terang Hospital
  • Colac Area Health – Colac Hospital
  • Timboon and District Healthcare Service – Timboon Campus

South West Healthcare – Warrnambool Base Hospital

South West Healthcare, with its Warrnambool Base Hospital, is a major healthcare provider in the region. Offering an exhaustive scope of clinical benefits, the clinic fills in as an essential medical care center for Apollo Sound and the more extensive local area.

Otway Health & Community Services – Lavers Hill Campus

Otway Health & Community Services operates the Lavers Hill Campus, providing healthcare services to the local community. The grounds guarantee that occupants approach clinical consideration, advancing well-being and prosperity in far-off regions.

Apollo Bay Hospital

Apollo Bay Hospital plays a pivotal role in the healthcare landscape of the town. As a neighborhood medical care office, it tends to the prompt clinical requirements of inhabitants and guests, adding to the general well-being framework.

Colac Area Health – Apollo Bay Campus

Colac Area Health’s Apollo Bay Campus extends healthcare services to the Apollo Bay people group. Zeroing in on essential medical care, the grounds assume a fundamental part in guaranteeing open clinical benefits for the nearby populace.

Lorne Community Hospital

Lorne Community Hospital serves the coastal community with healthcare services. Perceiving the interesting requirements of a coastline town, the emergency clinic gives clinical consideration and adds to the general prosperity of inhabitants and vacationers.

Anglesea Medical Group

Anglesea Medical Group serves the Anglesea community with medical services. Guaranteeing admittance to general medical care, the clinical gathering assumes a part in keeping up with the well-being and essentialness of occupants in the locale.

Lorne Medical Centre

Lorne Medical Centre provides healthcare services to the Lorne community. With an emphasis on persistent consideration, the middle tends to a scope of clinical requirements, supporting the well-being and government assistance of occupants in the beachfront region.

Terang & Mortlake Health Service – Terang Hospital

Terang & Mortlake Health Service operates Terang Hospital, serving the medical care needs of the more extensive area. The hospital offers medical services, adding to the well-being and prosperity of occupants in the Terang region.

Colac Area Health – Colac Hospital

Colac Area Health’s Colac Hospital is a regional healthcare facility providing a wide range of medical services. The medical clinic takes special care of the assorted medical services needs of occupants in the Colac region.

Timboon and District Healthcare Service – Timboon Campus

Timboon and District Healthcare Service operates the Timboon Campus, offering medical care administration to the neighborhood local area. The grounds guarantee that residents in Timboon have access to essential medical care.

In Summary

Apollo Bay is safeguarded by Avalon Airport, a 2-hour drive, guaranteeing quick admittance to clinical offices. Colac Area Health, 50 minutes away, further focuses on local area prosperity. Apollo Bay focuses on the prosperity and prosperity of its tenants and guests, making it an ideal target for a tranquil and secure waterfront escape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Which is the nearest airport to Apollo Bay for medical emergencies?

Ans: Avalon Airport, a 2-hour drive away, is the closest, offering medical facilities and services.

Q: Are there hospitals in Apollo Bay for residents and visitors?

Ans: Colac Area Health, about 50 minutes away, provides healthcare services for the Apollo Bay community.

Q: How far is Colac Area Health from Apollo Bay?\

Ans: Colac Area Health is approximately a 50-minute drive, ensuring comprehensive medical care for residents and visitors.

Q: Can I reach hospitals quickly from Apollo Bay in case of an emergency?

Ans: Yes, Avalon Airport and Colac Area Health facilitate quick access to medical assistance for emergencies.

Q: Is there a medical clinic in Apollo Bay?

Ans: While there isn’t a clinic directly in Apollo Bay, Colac Area Health offers necessary healthcare services.

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