Luxury Hotels Nearby To Bells Beach

Bells Beach, known for its iconic surf breaks, offers limited luxury accommodations directly adjacent to the beach due to its rugged coastal setting. Luxury Hotels Nearby To Bells Beach establishments like the RACV Torquay Resort provide upscale stays a short drive away.

This resort combines modern comforts, stunning views, and a range of facilities, including a golf course and spa, offering a luxurious retreat near Bells Beach within the beautiful Torquay region. Furthermore, exploring nearby coastal towns like Torquay might unveil boutique lodges or upscale accommodations.

While not directly on Bells Beach, these options ensure an elegant stay within a short distance, allowing visitors to experience the region’s natural beauty and surf culture.

Nearby To Bells Beach Where Luxurious Hotels Are Present

  • Torquay
  • Lorne
  • Geelong


Known for RACV Torquay Resort, this coastal town offers upscale stays near Bells Beach. The resort boasts modern amenities, stunning views, and recreational facilities, providing a luxurious retreat amidst Torquay’s beauty.


While not directly adjacent to Bells Beach, Lorne features boutique accommodations like Mantra Lorne, offering upscale rooms and serene coastal views. The town’s elegance and proximity to scenic spots make it an ideal luxury escape.


Close to Bells Beach, Geelong offers luxury at R Hotel Geelong, known for its sophistication and upscale amenities. Its proximity to the beach and city attractions makes it an opulent base for exploring the region.

In Summary 

Luxury accommodations near Bells Beach are limited directly on-site. However, nearby towns like Torquay offer the upscale RACV Torquay Resort, while Lorne features the boutique Mantra Lorne. Geelong presents the elegant R Hotel Geelong. These options ensure a luxurious stay within a short distance, blending comfort with the beauty of the coastal region.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What luxury accommodations are near Bells Beach?

Ans: Nearby towns like Torquay offer the upscale RACV Torquay Resort, Lorne features Mantra Lorne, and Geelong presents R Hotel Geelong, providing luxury stays a short distance from Bells Beach.

Q: Are there luxury hotels directly adjacent to Bells Beach?

Ans: Luxury hotels directly on Bells Beach are limited, but towns nearby like Torquay, Lorne, and Geelong offer luxurious accommodations within a short drive, providing upscale options near the famous surf spot.

Q: What amenities can I expect at these luxury accommodations?

Ans: Luxury amenities vary but may include stylish rooms, scenic views, spa facilities, and recreational activities, ensuring a comfortable and indulgent stay near Bells Beach in towns like Torquay, Lorne, and Geelong.

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