Wellington Airport, situated in the capital city of New Zealand, serves as a vital gateway for both domestic and international travelers. Boasting modern facilities and efficient services, Wellington Airport provides passengers with a seamless travel experience, including a range of dining, shopping, and relaxation amenities within its terminals.

Renowned for its stunning approach over the Cook Strait, the airport offers a unique flying experience with picturesque views of Wellington’s rugged coastline and surrounding hills. It its strategic location and commitment to excellence, Wellington Airport plays a pivotal role in connecting New Zealand to the rest of the world, welcoming visitors

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Wellington Airport boasts a rich history that mirrors the city’s evolution. Initially established in 1929 as Rongotai Airport, it served as a crucial hub for domestic flights. The airport witnessed significant milestones, including the introduction of jet services in the 1960s and the construction of a new terminal in the 1990s, enhancing passenger experiences.

Over the decades, expansions and modernizations transformed it into an international gateway, accommodating growing air travel demands. Today, Wellington Airport stands as a testament to the city’s progress, blending its storied past with contemporary facilities to offer travelers a seamless journey through New Zealand’s capital.

The Latest WLG Airport News

The latest news from Wellington Airport (WLG) reflects a dynamic landscape of developments and initiatives aimed.  Enhancing traveler experiences and operational efficiency. It is a sustainability initiative to reduce the airport’s environmental footprint. Additionally, news may highlight collaborations with airlines to introduce new routes or improve connectivity.

They are the best for efforts to enhance amenities and services within the terminal to ensure a pleasant and convenient travel experience for passengers passing through Wellington Airport. Recent updates may include infrastructure expansions to accommodate increasing passenger volumes, technological advancements to streamline security procedures,


The address of Wellington Airport is in Rongotai, Wellington, New Zealand. Located approximately 6 kilometers southeast of the city center. The airport occupies a strategic position on the southern tip of the North Island.

Its precise address, in the suburb of Rongotai, ensures convenient access for travelers from Wellington and its surrounding regions. With its modern facilities and efficient transportation links, Wellington Airport serves as a vital hub for domestic and international travel, offering a sea

Interactive Map

Focuses in Wellington Airport

The Interactive Map at Wellington Airport offers travelers a dynamic tool to navigate the airport and its amenities efficiently. Users can easily search for specific points of interest, access real-time flight information, and receive directions to their desired destinations within the airport.

Equipped with touchscreen technology, the map provides detailed information on terminal facilities, gate locations, shops, dining options, and other essential services. It is the best for intuitive functionality and interactive features, the map enhances the overall passenger experience by facilitating seamless navigation and ensuring travelers can make the most of their time at Wellington Airport Google Map.


Arrival at Wellington Airport is often greeted by a sense of anticipation. Travelers step off planes to encounter the vibrant capital city of New Zealand. Nestled between rolling hills and a picturesque harbor, the airport offers a welcoming introduction to the country’s natural beauty and cultural charm. Upon arrival, passengers are greeted by modern facilities and efficient services, including customs and immigration clearance.

The airport’s convenient location provides easy access to Wellington’s downtown area. They can explore a thriving culinary scene, eclectic arts scene, and numerous attractions, all within reach from the moment they touch down.

Plan Your Trip

Planning your trip at Wellington Airport involves navigating a modern and efficient hub that offers a range of services to facilitate a seamless travel experience. From check-in counters equipped with self-service kiosks to diverse dining options and retail outlets.

Travelers can efficiently prepare for their journey while enjoying amenities tailored to their needs. Additionally, the airport provides information desks staffed by knowledgeable personnel who offer assistance with inquiries. It can ensure passengers have access to resources necessary for a smooth and enjoyable trip.

City Center

The City Center in Wellington Airport serves as a vibrant hub within the airport complex. It can offer travelers a range of amenities and services to enhance their airport experience. Situated conveniently within the terminal, it provides a diverse selection of shops, restaurants, cafes, and lounges.

They are catering to various tastes and preferences. Whether passengers seek a quick bite to eat, a spot to relax before their flight, or last-minute shopping, the City Center provides a bustling yet accessible space

Things To Do In WLG

Wellington Airport, travelers can explore an array of activities and amenities to make their time enjoyable. With diverse dining options ranging from local delicacies to international cuisines, passengers can savor delicious meals before or after their flights. For those seeking relaxation, cozy lounges provide comfortable spaces to unwind or catch up on work.

Shopping enthusiasts can browse through a variety of retail outlets offering everything from souvenirs to luxury goods. Additionally, art installations and exhibitions throughout the terminal offer cultural enrichment and visual stimulation, showcasing the vibrant spirit of Wellington’s art scene.


Facilities at Wellington Airport (WLG) cater to the diverse needs of travelers, providing a seamless and comfortable experience. Retail outlets offer a diverse selection of shopping experiences, from duty-free stores to boutique shops. It can allow travelers to browse and purchase a range of goods including souvenirs, clothing, and electronics.

The airport boasts modern amenities including a variety of dining options ranging from cafes to restaurants offering both local and international cuisine, ensuring passengers can indulge in satisfying meals before or after their flights.  Additionally, WLG features currency exchange services and ATMs.


The terminal at Wellington Airport (WLG) serves as a bustling hub for domestic and international travelers, embodying modern design and functionality. It its sleek architecture and efficient layout, the terminal offers a seamless travel experience, equipped with amenities ranging from shops and restaurants to lounges and passenger services.

Serving both domestic and international flights, the terminal caters to the diverse needs of travelers, providing convenient check-in facilities, baggage services, and transportation connections. Staffed by friendly personnel, the terminal ensures a comfortable and welcoming environment,


Departure procedures at Wellington Airport (WLG) encompass a series of streamlined processes designed to facilitate efficient and hassle-free travel experiences for passengers. Following check-in, passengers navigate through security screening procedures to ensure safety compliance. After completing security checks, travelers proceed to departure gates where they await boarding announcements for their respective flights.

Upon arrival at the airport, travelers proceed through check-in counters where they receive boarding passes and drop off luggage. Throughout this process, airport staff are available to assist passengers with any inquiries or concerns, aiming to ensure a seamless departure experience from Wellington Airport.

Bag Check

The Bag Check facility at Wellington Airport (WLG) offers travelers a convenient and efficient way to handle their luggage before their flights. Situated within the terminal, this service allows passengers to drop off their checked bags, ensuring they comply with airline regulations and are securely processed for their journey.

Staffed by trained personnel, the Bag Check facility assists travelers with tagging, weighing, and checking in their luggage, reducing wait times at airline counters and providing peace of mind before departure. Whether for domestic or international flights,


Parking at Wellington Airport (WLG) offers convenient options for travelers with various needs. With options such as valet parking, covered parking, and economy parking, visitors can choose the most suitable option based on their preferences and budget. The parking areas are well-maintained and equipped with modern security measures to ensure the safety of vehicles.

The airport provides both short-term and long-term parking facilities located close to the terminals, ensuring easy access for passengers. Additionally, the airport offers online booking services, allowing travelers to reserve their parking spots in advance, further enhancing the convenience of their travel experience at Wellington Airport.

WLG Airport Shopping Spots

Wellington Airport offers a diverse array of shopping spots catering to travelers’ needs and preferences. Located in WLG, these shopping facilities encompass a range of options from duty-free outlets showcasing a variety of premium products to specialty stores featuring local souvenirs and gifts.

Whether passengers are seeking last-minute travel essentials, luxury items, or unique Kiwi-made treasures, the shopping spots at WLG Airport provide a convenient and enjoyable retail experience amidst the bustling atmosphere of one of New Zealand’s major airports.

Where to Eat at WLG Airport

At Wellington Airport (WLG), several dining options are catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you’re seeking a quick bite or a sit-down meal, the airport offers a variety of eateries to choose from. From popular international chains to local favorites.

The passengers can enjoy a range of cuisines including New Zealand specialties, Asian delights, fast food, and healthy options. With options conveniently located throughout the terminals, travelers can easily find a spot to dine before their flight, ensuring a satisfying culinary experience while at WLG Airport in Wellington.


Dine In WLG” at Wellington Airport offers a diverse culinary experience for travelers. Situated within the airport’s premises. The dining establishment caters to various tastes and preferences with its range of menu options. From local delicacies to international cuisines, passengers can indulge in a selection of freshly prepared dishes.

It can include hearty breakfasts, gourmet sandwiches, salads, and decadent desserts. With a welcoming ambiance and efficient service. Dine In WLG provides travelers with a convenient and satisfying dining experience, allowing them to relax and refuel before their journey.


The hotel located in Wellington Airport (WLG) offers convenient accommodation options for travelers arriving or departing from the capital city of New Zealand. With comfortable rooms and modern amenities, guests can enjoy a restful stay before or after their journey. The attentive staff cater to the needs of guests, enhancing their overall travel experience.

Situated within the airport complex, the hotel provides easy access to terminals, making it an ideal choice for those with early morning or late-night flights. The hotel’s proximity to airport facilities and transportation hubs ensures seamless connectivity for travelers exploring Wellington or catching connecting flights.

Transport In WLG

Transportation options at Wellington Airport (WLG) cater to the needs of travelers arriving and departing from the capital city of New Zealand. Passengers can easily access ground transportation services just outside the terminal building, with signage and staff readily available to assist. Travelers prefer the flexibility of driving their vehicle, and the convenience of a taxi or shuttle service.

The airport offers a variety of convenient transportation modes, including taxis, rental cars, shuttles, and public buses, ensuring seamless connectivity to downtown Wellington and surrounding areas. They are the affordability of public transit, Wellington Airport provides efficient transport solutions to accommodate diverse travel preferences and requirements.

Visa And Immigration

The Visa and Immigration services at Wellington Airport play a crucial role in facilitating the entry of travelers into New Zealand. Staffed by knowledgeable personnel, the center assists travelers with visa inquiries, and application submissions, and guides immigration requirements and procedures.

Situated within the airport premises, this center offers a range of services related to visa processing, immigration clearance, and compliance with New Zealand’s immigration regulations. With a focus on efficiency and customer service, the center ensures smooth transitions for visitors and residents alike, contributing to the seamless operation of international travel at Wellington Airport.

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Airport type Public
  • Infratil – 66%
  • Wellington City Council – 34%
Operator Wellington International Airport Ltd
Serves Wellington, New Zealand
Location Rongotai, Wellington, New Zealand
Opened 25 October 1959; 64 years ago
Hub for

Air New Zealand

Sounds Air

Elevation AMSL 13 m / 42 ft
Coordinates 41°19′38″S 174°48′19″E
Website www.wellingtonairport.co.nz
Direction Length Surface
m ft
16/34 2,081 6,827 Grooved bitumen
Statistics (Year ending 30 June 2019)
Passenger throughput 6,441,935
Aircraft movements 100,696

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Is Wellington Airport 24 hours?

Ans: Wellington Airport operates 24/7.

Q: Does Wellington Airport do international flights?

Ans: Yes, Wellington Airport operates international flights.

Q: How many terminals does Wellington Airport have?

Ans: Wellington Airport has one main terminal.

Q: Does Wellington New Zealand have an international airport?

Ans: Yes, Wellington has an international airport.

Q: Which airport is beautiful in New Zealand?

Ans: Queenstown Airport is renowned for its stunning beauty in New Zealand, surrounded by majestic mountain landscapes and scenic vistas.

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