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Travel and Synonyms

People move between at a distance for geographic regions when they travel. Travel can be done with or without luggage, on foot, by bicycle, car, airline, and ship. It can also be one-way or round-trip. In the Travel Synonyms In Different Languages case of tourism, travel might sometimes involve very brief stops between subsequent trips.

1. As in Journey

It s to take a trip, especially of some space.

Journey Trek Trip
Tour Voyage Pilgrimage
Wander Sail Fly
Migrate Cruise Ride
Jaunt Peregrinate Drive
Hop Bus Rove
Coach Cab Motor
Road-Trip Traipse Galavant
Gig Gallivant Navigate
Ramble Jet Perambulate
Trundle Roll
Knock (About) Barnstorm

2. As into Traverse

To make one’s way through, across, or over

Synonyms And Similar Words

Traverse Cross Walk
Transit Navigate Follow
Track Ride Cover
Go Course Hike
Peregrinate Traipse Pass (Over)
Perambulate Cut (Across) Tread
Run Tramp Proceed (Along)

3. As in to fly

It is to proceed or move quickly

Synonyms And Similar Words

Fly Speed Drive
Race Hurry Rush
Chase Scurry Trot
Run Zip Jump
Scoot Blow Buzz
Dart Career Blast
Zoom Step Shoot
Motor Dash Bowl
Course Scuttle Jet
Rip Jog Tear
Hustle Breeze Bolt
Whirl Whisk Rocket
Bundle Ram Hurl
Belt Hasten Hie
Hump Hare Beat It
Barrel Cannonball Careen
Bustle Nip Blaze
Hurtle Bomb Rustle
Shake A Leg Gallop Pelt
Flit Highball Get A Move On
Make Tracks Crack (On) Step On It
Hotfoot (It) Accelerate Sprint
Beetle Whiz Scamper
Streak Scuffle Overtake
Whizz Step Out Outrun
Scud Catch Up Quicken
Arrow Beeline Outpace
Outstrip Fast-Forward

Antonyms With Neat Antonyms

Crawl Hang (Around or out) Drag
Poke Creep Stroll
Linger Poke Dawdle

4. As in Associate

To come or be together as friends

Synonyms With Similar Words

Associate Run Connect
Collaborate Bond Mix
Join Company Related
Mingle Sort Befriend
Fraternize Cooperate Consort
Friend Team Group
Mess Around Hook Up Consociate
Club Chum Rally
Hobnob Couple Side
Take Up With Hang (Around Or Out) Get Along
Band League Tie
Socialize Rub Elbows (With) Rub Shoulders (With)
Keep Company (With) Affiliate Gang
Fall In With Get On Pal (Around)
Link Ally Wed
Be Friends With Knot Attach
Confederate Collude Interrelate

Antonyms & Near Antonyms

Avoid Shun Snub
Split (Up) Split Disperse
Alienate Break Up Estrange

Travel As in Trip

You will often Travel to a plural going from one place to another usually of some distance. It International Travel Synonymsv is all the travels that have never met pleasanter people than he had in that village.

Synonyms With Similar Words.

Trip Journey Expedition
Trek Tour Cruise Flight
Voyage Ride Walk
Drive Progress Commute
Sail Peregrination Excursion
Passage Pilgrimage Errand
Odyssey Commutation Jaunt
Quest Hop Outing
Junket Sally Safari
Hike Spin Sortie
Grand Tour Walkabout Tramp

Some Description


The Journey is an American rock band formed in San Francisco in 1973. It can Former members of Santana, Steve Miller Brand, and Furious Bandersnatch. The journey is the Travel and Tours offer that you Benefit from the Bridal Registry to help with your honeymoon costs. Creative Travel Words Now reserves your honeymoon package. Now all you need to do is register with Journey Travel and Tours. When Journey Travel and Tours is contacted. You can include our website information with your announcements.


The program Trek will also feature footage of the winner’s voyage to the ISS. It will include their launch, 10-day stay there, return trip, and landing. The Traveller Synonyms Contestants will compete in an International Space Station trip to Space in the New Reality. They are suitable for whitewater excursions as well because they are waterproof.


Cruise is the Large passenger ships known as cruise ships and employed mostly for leisure travel. This is one of the best cruise ships, as opposed to ocean liners, employed for transportation. It will often set sail on round-trip cruises to numerous ports of call, where guests may take part in “shore excursions,” or tours. Synonyms For Trip And Journey cruises to nowhere and “nowhere voyages,” cruise ships travel roundtrip for two to three nights without stopping at any ports.

In comparison to ocean liners, modern cruise ships typically have less hull strength, speed, and agility. It is the recent vessels, nevertheless, have been referred to as “balcony-laden floating condominiums” because of the facilities they have incorporated to cater to aquatic tourists.


Jaunt can be even more contained if you do not have a pet because there won’t be any frequent bathroom breaks. Synonyms For Traveling The World no longer feels like a fantasy vision statement to take a casual trip to Mars. Stephen King initially published his horror short tale “The Jaunt” in The Twilight Zone Magazine in 1981. Its  Synonyms For Travel Lover was then collected in King’s 1985 anthology Skeleton Crew.

The Jaunt is a novel in the early 24th century when teleportation technology. This is one of the best for “Jaunting,” which is widely used and allows for instantaneous travel across great distances. This can even be too distant planets in the Solar System. The Travel Antonyms short story explicitly declares the word “Jaunting”. It To go synonyms is a tribute to Alfred Bester’s science fiction book The Stars My Destination.

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