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Travel News

Travel News

The World of online news media is shouting. Travel News can be hard to convert honest sources from not-so-reliable ones. It is all true in the tourist industry. This is more important than ever to have reliable travel news sources. You can trust us to keep you on the pulse of the speedily evolving tourism industry. This International Travel News blog doing the break up for detailing top travel news websites.

Top 17 best Travel News Websites in the worlds

  • Skift
  • World Tourism Organization
  • Phocuswire (formerly known as Tnooz)
  • Travel Weekly
  • Travel Daily News
  • BBC Tourism
  • Eye for Travel (Reuters Events)
  • The Local
  • FVW Medien
  • Entorno Turistico
  • CounterCUBE

Your local tourism export council or travel association

  • Google News
  • Conde Nast Traveler
  • Tripadvisor Blog
  • AirBnB Blog

1. Skift

You can also bookmark one source from this list. is perhaps one of the biggest and most reliable news and tourism research websites. This consistently publishes reliable tourism news. Holiday Travel News Today can also produce some of the most well-researched and forward-looking industry reports.

2. World Tourism Organization

The World Tourism Organization is the purpose of the World Tourist Organization (UNWTO), a United Nations organization. Flight Travel News UK is to direct, assist, educate, and advance the world travel and tourism sector. This Travel News India This Week tourism is natural, given their position of authority. They are regarded as a reliable source of information that tour operators and travel companies may trust.

3. Phocuswire (formerly known as Tnooz)

The Phocuswire travel news is one the best sections for the entire top worldwide tourist research organization. It can also call Phocuswright. Breaking News: Travel Restrictions news on this website focuses on technology and how it affects the travel, hotel, airline, meetings, and incentive industries.

3. Travel Weekly

Travel News Europe is owned by the same travel media combination as Phocuswire and Travel Weekly. Flight Travel News is a travel news site that has a weakness in breaking news. The column’s destination landing place showcases and product for the business-to-business segment of the tourism market.

4. Travel Daily News

Travel Daily is similar to Travel Weekly. The best way for Travel Daily News is a news site that focuses on both B2B and B2C market segments. You may be sure that this news website will have stories, breaking news, and editorials. It cans have columns relevant to your travel agency business due to its extensive international reach.

5. BBC Tourism

The BBC is one of the most reliable and reputable news organizations in the world. It is usually considered as being the BBC. Their Travel Update travel category is a great place to find international news about the travel and tourism sector. BBC Tourism is a terrific source to acquire trustworthy worldwide news that you can feel safe in. You are less likely to discover the in-depth tourism-related stuff here that you would normally find on tourism-exclusive news sites.

6. Eye for Travel (Reuters Events)

Travel News 1

The Eye for Travel (Reuters Events) is the BBC, Reuters News & Media is an international news organization well-known for its trustworthy, and unbiased reporting. The travel-focused extension of this solid and reliable reputation. It is Reuter’s tourism and events reporting branch (Eye for Travel).

Instead of focusing on breaking news, this website is a great resource for exposés and whitepapers. The latest feature articles that go deeper into some of the most important and current news stories in the international travel sector.

7. The Local

Local Travel is similar to daily travel news with a focus on Europe. It is written and published by journalists who understand English. is a general European version with more in-depth analyses of nations like Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden, etc. Cnn Travel News Canada can be found in its own individual editions.

8. FVW Medien

The FVW Medien is the best for Germany’s top travel media outlet. It is an independent source of news, research, events, and job listings for the travel industry. Travel List Update Although they mostly focus on German, they also offer a different viewpoint on news about travel abroad.


This Etourisme is a french-language website travel primarily focuses on providing benchmarking information. This International Flights News site is a business resource, tourist study, and current news to tour operators who speak French.

10. Entorno Turistico

The Entorno Turistico is a Spanish-language word. The travel website is based in Mexico and in operation since 2015. It can exist to inform tour operators, travel agencies, students, and business owners of the most recent travel information pertaining to Mexico. This Entorno Turistico publishes top-notch articles that enlighten readers about the economy, regional travel patterns, travel marketing, and other topics in addition to breaking news.

11. CounterCUBE

It is the german publication CounterCUBE that offers in-depth feature articles on travel destinations, and trends. They can be niche markets to members of the tourism business. They place less emphasis on breaking news. The more creating high-quality materials that are intended to educate and upskill German tour operator businesses.

12. Your local tourism export council or travel association

Your Local Tourism is the travel association across all geographies and specialist markets. Travel preferences in the tourist sector. Their shared commitment to assisting tour operators, travel agencies, and DMCs in growing and providing for their clients unite them all.

All the best creating and sharing pertinent news with their members is only one of the many ways they achieve this. Utilizing your preferred organization for tourism news has the advantage of having already filtered out much of the noise that is unimportant to your company.

Where are your customers getting their travel intel?

The understanding of the Travel sources that your consumers. It can use to research the always-shifting tourism industry is equally vital. It pays to pay close attention here as well because the information given via these sources is probably going to affect travel demand.

13. Google News

Google news is one of the most widely used news sources on the planet is Google News. Tourism is among the areas that Google News that combines stories from all across the internet into readily searchable categories. Given that Google News receives hundreds of millions of views each month, it is almost a given that some of your consumers will use it to research their trip plans.

14. Conde Nast Traveler

Conde Nast Traveler new todayis the go-to resource for tourists seeking out the newest hot destination or cutting-edge travel trends. Travel Industry also emphasizes the dissemination of high-level that is more pertinent for the general public than for members of the travel industry.

15. Tripadvisor Blog

A blog for Tripadvisor – Due to the company’s scale, the traveler community can access a lot of their stuff. They feature an extensive section, even though their content is mostly focused on suggestions and advice for destinations.

16. AirBnB Blog

The AirBnB blog The likelihood that one of your potential customers has an Airbnb account increases the likelihood that they will be receiving and viewing content that is sent directly to their inbox. This site not only highlights their rental properties but also serves as a source of inspiration for travelers looking for their next vacation getaway.

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