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These Days, It seems like there is as many Travel as there are travelers. Although this means there is a great blog for almost any Kind of traveler, The sheer number of choices can be overwhelming.  There Travel Blogs To Read is the best Blog that can be devoted to solo female travel.

Top 21 Best Travel Blogs

  • Jessie on a Journey
  • Expert Vagabond
  • Adventurous Kate
  • Oneika the Traveller
  • The Blonde Abroad
  • Wandering Earl
  • View From The Wing
  • Be My Travel Muse
  • The Blog Abroad
  • Roads And Kingdoms
  • Nomadic Matt
  • I Am Aileen
  • BucketListly
  • Lost With Purpose
  • Along Dusty Roads
  • Against The Compass
  • Dan Flying Solo
  • Hand Luggage Only
  • The Planet D
  • The Poor Traveler
  • Travel Freak

This means that there is a fantastic travel blog for practically every type of traveler. But the sheer quantity of options might be confusing. Travel Blog Examples is the best travel blog that exists on a variety of topics. It cans include luxury travel, adventure travel, sustainable travel, and how to become a digital nomad.

How can you find the finest travel blog for you among all these options?

You have found the correct place since we have compiled a list of some of the top, most-read travel blogs from a variety of different traveler types.

You Travel Blog Writing will undoubtedly find several blogs on this list that will inspire your upcoming travels, regardless of your favorite travel style.

1. Jessie on a Journey

Travel Blog 1

If you are a woman with a taste for happening.  Jessie on a Journey is the blog for you. Jessie is a seasoned digital nomad. This promotes female travel and provides online courses, travel ideas, and advice on how to lead a life as a nomad.

Female Travel Blogs And Jessie provides excellent resources on how to launch a blog devoted to all things travel for those who aspire to become professional travel bloggers.

2. Expert Vagabond

Travel Blog 2

Matt Karsten is a veteran Travel blogger. They can be living a peripatetic life for more than 10 years and inspire others to live off happening through his travel blog.  They can also accomplish travel photographers. The means for each of his blog posts are chock-full of amazing travel graphic arts.

The Addition to first-rate travel advice, Matt Karsten shares excellent tips on how to become a freelance graphic artist and how you can make money blogging.

3. Adventurous Kate

Travel Blog 3

Katee McCulley has been traveling full-time since 2010. Now, her blog Adventurous Katee McCulley is dedicated to educating solo female travelers on how to travel securely. She shares her travel experiences with other women to debunk stereotypes.

It can also solo female travel as well as demonstrate what it’s like to go abroad. The New York Times, Glamour, and Vogue have all covered Kate’s travel blog.  It is the best for Forbes named her one of the Top 10 Travel Influencers of 2017.

4. Oneika the Traveller

Travel Blog 4

Oneika Raymond has visited On her blog. The Oneika the Traveller is a lone Black female traveler who has been to 115 countries and documents her adventures. It is the best for the frequent talks about politics and racial injustice.

She is encountered while traveling, in addition to offering amazing travel tales and suggestions. Above all, Oneika is dedicated to encouraging women and people of color to travel the world and offers them the tools they need to fulfill their aspirations of exploring new places.

5. The Blonde Abroad

Travel Blogs 5

Kiki is a native of California. Did she leave the corporate world six years ago to live an adventurous life of travels? Her website, The Blonde Abroad, is devoted to encouraging women to go on solo global travel. The Blonde Abroad of Kiki offers useful packing ideas and lists necessary travel accessories.  Personal Travel Blogs can be fantastic travel-style advice for independent female travelers. It is a sense of style in addition to trip preparation resources.

6. Wandering Earl

Travel Blog 6

The creator of the adventure travel website Wandering Earl, and traveler Derek Earl. It has been on the road full-time since 1999. He has traveled to a great number of off-the-beaten-path locations.

He is not afraid to discuss difficulties he has encountered and the unpleasant aspects of travel. His candor about the travel experience, and dedication to avoiding tourist traps. This desire to develop real relationships with locals wherever he goes is refreshing.

7. View From The Wing

Travel Blog 7

The View from the Wing Aviation specialist Gary Leff’s blog.  The wing provides all the information you need to know about the aviation sector. His main goals are to inform his readers about how airline loyalty programs operate.

It will keep them informed about the best travel offers. They can demonstrate how to accumulate frequent flyer miles and points that will enable them to travel for much less money.

8. Be My Travel Muse

Travel Blog 8

Kristin, a native of Los Angeles, quit her job as an investment banker. They traveled to Bangkok on a one-way ticket and started a new life as travel bloggers. To assist other single female travelers in starting their life-altering travels, she launched the blog Be My Travel Muse.

In her travel guides, Kristen gives numerous firsthand tales of seeing lesser-known places and offers lots of advice on how to avoid tourist traps and get involved with the local culture for a genuinely unique experience.

9. The Blog Abroad

Travel Blog 9

Gloria, who now leads a full-time nomadic lifestyle, never knew she had a desire for travel as a child. Her wildly famous travel blog, The Blog Abroad, chronicles her adventures as a Black single female traveler. Who has traveled to more than 70 countries across six continents? The Gloria site is stunning to look at because she also mentors budding travel writers.

10. Roads And Kingdoms

Travel Blogs 10

It is one of the best independent online travel journals with award-winning travel writing and photography. The Roads and Kingdoms stand out from the other travel blogs on this list. This is the inside scoop on both well-known and lesser-known locations.

Roads & Kingdoms mainly rely on regional journalists with extraordinary narrative skills. It is articles published on Roads & Kingdoms that will undoubtedly provide you with travel inspiration.

11. Nomadic Matt

Travel Blog 11

The creator of the blog Nomadic Matt is a true pioneer of the travel blogging industry. One of the best resources for guidance on low-cost travel is his travel blog. This blog is frequently highlighted in well-known publications like National Geographic, Forbes, and The New York Times.

In addition to being a New York Times best-selling author, Matt provides. It has a variety of programs to assist you in traveling more wisely and making friends. Other travelers, and even beginning a profession in travel.

12. I Am Aileen

Travel Blog 12

Aileen, who was born and bred in the Philippines, quit her corporate career at the age of 21 to embark on a single foreign trip. She currently operates the well-known travel blog I Am Aileen.

This is a successful digital nomad who has visited all seven continents. However, Travel Blogs For Families how-to manuals on how to make a full-time career through remote work. Aileen is dedicated to educating others on how to adopt a digital nomad lifestyle.

13. BucketListly

Travel Blog 13

The BucketListly is the creator of a Blog and is a skilled photographer and filmmaker. Who has spent more than 8 years traveling as a digital nomad? This article mainly discusses hiking and backpacking outdoors as well as how to become a professional travel photographer and filmmaker.

You will discover all the information you need to become a digital nomad. They can support themselves through photography and filmmaking with blogs on everything from selecting. Travel Blogs Websites are the correct equipment to hone your technical talents.

14. Lost With Purpose

Travel Blog 14

Alex Reynolds is a 20-year-old lone female traveler from the US. Lost with Purpose treks across the globe, stopping in countries like Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan where few American tourists go. The travel blog Lost With Purpose by Alex instructs visitors on how to visit these areas safely while also maintaining an open mind.

Alex challenges Westerners to venture outside of their comfort zones. This Travel Blog Examples For Students is one of the best for discovering places they might often pass over and offers helpful travel advice on how to make the most of your trip.

15. Along Dusty Roads

Travel Blogs 15

Andrew and Emily were residing in London in 2014; Along Dusty Roads concluded that they were sick of postponing their ambitions. They gave up their careers and began traveling throughout Latin America a year later. To share their journeys and inspire others to get the most out of their trips.

It can also launch the blog Along Dusty Roads. They publish insightful articles on their site about how to travel responsibly. It is the articles are backed by stunning travel photographs.

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