Selina Mexico City Downtown

Hostel Property Description

Hostel Property Description

Selina Mexico City Downtown is a vibrant, boutique hostel in the heart of Mexico City. The stylish accommodations include private rooms and dormitories. It combines modern amenities with a community-driven atmosphere.

With a central location, on-site coworking spaces, cultural events, and a rooftop terrace boasting stunning city views, Selina Downtown is an urban haven for travelers seeking comfort, connectivity, and a taste of Mexico City’s dynamic culture.

Selina Mexico City Downtown is a vibrant and eclectic haven nestled in the heart of Mexico City, pulsating with the city’s cultural vibrancy and historical richness. Situated in a prime location, this Selina property seamlessly blends contemporary design with the area’s historical essence.

Reviews & Ratings Of Selina Mexico City Downtown

Reviews & Ratings Of Selina Mexico City Downtown

Selina Mexico City Downtown garnered positive attention for its vibrant atmosphere and central location. Visitors praised its stylish design, blending modern aesthetics with a touch of local culture.

The hostel’s communal spaces were often highlighted, offering a great environment for socializing and meeting fellow travelers.

The rooftop bar was a standout feature, providing stunning views of the city while serving up delicious drinks. However, some reviewers noted occasional noise levels due to its central location, which might not be ideal for light sleepers.

Selina Mexico City Downtown received favorable ratings for its value, location, and communal atmosphere, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a trendy and sociable accommodation option in the heart of Mexico City.

Here’s a breakdown of commonly reviewed aspects of Selina Mexico City Downtown:

  • Security
  • Location
  • Staff
  • Atmosphere
  • Cleanliness
  • Value For Money
  • Facilities


Selina Mexico City Downtown typically receives positive reviews regarding its security measures. They often have 24/7 security personnel, key card access to rooms, lockers for personal belongings, and CCTV surveillance in common areas, providing guests with a sense of safety and peace of mind during their stay.


The hostel’s location tends to be highly praised. Situated in the heart of Mexico City, it often receives rave reviews for its central positioning, making it convenient for exploring the city’s attractions, restaurants, and nightlife. Proximity to public transportation hubs and key landmarks is a common highlight.


Reviews often commend the staff for being friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about the local area. Guests frequently appreciate the reception team’s willingness to assist with recommendations for places to visit, dine, or arrange transportation, contributing to a positive overall experience.


The atmosphere at Selina Mexico City Downtown tends to be vibrant and sociable. Common areas like the lobby, rooftop bar, and communal spaces are often described as lively and conducive to meeting other travelers. Events or activities organized by the hostel also contribute to a fun and engaging atmosphere.


The cleanliness of the hostel receives mixed reviews at times. While many guests find the rooms and common areas well-maintained, some occasional comments about cleanliness issues may arise, especially during busy periods. However, overall, it’s perceived as satisfactory.

Value For Money

Guests often appreciate the value offered by Selina Mexico City Downtown. The hostel tends to provide reasonable rates for its central location, facilities, and the overall experience it offers to travelers, making it a popular choice for budget-conscious visitors.


The hostel boasts various facilities such as a rooftop bar, communal kitchen, co-working spaces, entertainment areas, and sometimes even yoga studios or event spaces. These facilities contribute significantly to guests’ enjoyment and contribute to a well-rounded hostel experience.

Facilities Of Selina Mexico City Downtown

Facilities Of Selina Mexico City Downtown

Many Selina Mexico City Downtown offer a range of facilities to ensure a comfortable stay for their guests. Here’s a breakdown of some common amenities:

  • Linen Included
  • Free City Maps
  • Free WiFi
  • Free Internet Access

Linen Included

This convenience commonly implies that the inn gives bedclothes like sheets, pads, and covers at no additional expense to visitors. It guarantees that voyagers don’t have to convey these things themselves, making their visit more helpful. The linens are usually clean and provided upon check-in, and guests might have the option to exchange them during longer stays.

Free City Maps

Offering free city maps is a convenient service provided by many hostels like Selina Mexico City Downtown. These maps often highlight key attractions, public transportation routes, and important landmarks in the city. They help travelers navigate and explore the area without needing to purchase or rely solely on digital maps, making it easier to plan their visits to various places of interest.

Free WiFi

This amenity is almost a necessity for travelers nowadays. Hostels like Selina Mexico City Downtown usually offer complimentary WiFi access to guests throughout the property. This enables visitors to stay connected, plan their trips, communicate with family and friends, and access online resources without incurring extra charges for internet usage.

Free Internet Access

In addition to WiFi, some hostels may offer access to computers or terminals with internet connectivity for guests who might not have their devices or need to use a desktop. This can be beneficial for checking emails, printing tickets, or any other internet-based tasks during their stay, often provided without an additional fee.

General Of Selina Mexico City Downtown

General Of Selina Mexico City Downtown

Here’s an overview of each of the mentioned general features typically found in Selina Mexico City Downtown:

  • Security Lockers
  • Common Room
  • Book Exchange
  • Hot Showers
  • Self-Catering Facilities
  • Fridge/Freezer
  • Utensils
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Microwave
  • Towels Not Included
  • Flexible NRR
  • Covid-19 safe

Security Lockers

These are personal storage spaces provided to guests within their rooms or in communal areas. They allow travelers to securely store their valuables, luggage, and important documents, usually with the use of a padlock or keycard provided by the hostel.

Common Room

A mutual region inside the inn where visitors can mingle, unwind, mess around, or participate in exercises. It’s a common space intended to energize cooperation among explorers, cultivating a feeling of the local area and giving a spot to loosen up.

Book Exchange

Some hostels offer a book exchange program where guests can swap books they’ve finished reading for others left behind by previous travelers. It’s a great way for guests to find new reading material and contribute to the hostel’s collection.

Hot Showers

Hostels typically provide showers with hot water available 24/7 for guests’ use. This amenity ensures guests can freshen up comfortably after a day of exploring the city.

Self-Catering Facilities

These include communal kitchens equipped with stoves, microwaves, and other cooking appliances where guests can prepare their meals. It’s a cost-saving option for travelers looking to cook their food rather than dining out for every meal.


Selina Mexico City Downtown can access a communal fridge or freezer in the kitchen allows guests to store their perishable items or leftovers safely.


Lodgings frequently give essential cooking wares like pots, containers, plates, and cutlery for visitors to use during their visit, working with dinner arrangements.

Safe Deposit Box

Some hostels offer safe deposit boxes at the reception or in rooms for guests to store valuable items like passports, electronics, or cash securely.


Alongside other kitchen facilities, microwaves are available for guests to heat food quickly and conveniently.

Towels Not Included

Some hostels don’t provide towels as a standard amenity. Guests might need to rent or bring their towels during their stay.

Flexible NRR (Non-refundable rate)

This might refer to the booking policy where guests can book at a lower, non-refundable rate but with less flexibility to modify or cancel their reservation without incurring charges.

COVID-19 Safe

This indicates that the hostel has implemented specific health and safety measures in response to the pandemic, such as enhanced cleaning protocols, social distancing guidelines, mask requirements, and other precautions to ensure the safety of guests and staff.

Services Of Selina Mexico City Downtown

Services Of Selina Mexico City Downtown

Here’s a breakdown of the services commonly offered by Selina Mexico City Downtown:

  • Internet access
  • Towels for hire
  • Luggage Storage
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Reception (limited hours)

Internet access

Hostels like Selina typically provide free WiFi access to guests throughout the property. This enables travelers to stay connected, plan their trips, communicate, and access online resources during their stay.

Towels for hire

Some hostels, including Selina Mexico City Downtown, may offer towels for hire. Guests who haven’t brought their towels or prefer not to carry them can rent towels for their stay for a nominal fee. This service allows travelers to access towels without the need to bring their own.

Luggage Storage

Hostels often provide luggage storage facilities for guests. This service allows travelers to securely store their luggage before check-in or after check-out, enabling them to explore the city without carrying their bags around.

24 Hour Security

Selina Mexico City Downtown, like many hostels, tends to offer round-the-clock security to ensure the safety and well-being of guests. This might include security personnel, CCTV surveillance, and secure access points to maintain a safe environment throughout the day and night.

Reception (limited hours)

While some hostels have 24-hour reception desks, others, including Selina Mexico City Downtown, might have reception services available for limited hours. This means that staff are present and available during specific hours of the day to assist with check-ins, provide information, and address guest inquiries or concerns within those designated times.

Food & Drink At Selina Mexico City Downtown

Food & Drink At Selina Mexico City Downtown

Here’s a breakdown of the food and drink offerings commonly found at Selina Mexico City Downtown:

  • Kitchen Facilities
  • Dining Area
  • Vending Machines
  • Bar or Cafe
  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • BBQ Area
  • Tea & Coffee Making Facilities

Kitchen Facilities

Hostels like Selina often provide communal kitchens equipped with stoves, microwaves, refrigerators, and cooking utensils. These facilities allow guests to prepare their meals, store groceries, and enjoy the flexibility of cooking during their stay.

Dining Area

A designated space within the hostel where guests can eat their meals. It’s often a communal area, sometimes adjacent to the kitchen, where travelers can sit and enjoy their food together.

Vending Machines

Some hostels may have vending machines on-site, offering a variety of snacks, drinks, and sometimes necessities for guests’ convenience. This provides easy access to quick bites and refreshments.

Bar or Cafe

Selina Mexico City Downtown may have an on-site bar or cafe where guests can socialize, grab drinks, and sometimes enjoy light meals. These spaces often contribute to the hostel’s social atmosphere and may host events or entertainment.

Complimentary Breakfast

Some hostels, including Selina, offer complimentary breakfast as part of the stay. This can include a continental breakfast with items like bread, spreads, cereal, fruits, and beverages, providing guests with a convenient start to their day.

BBQ Area

A designated area within the hostel premises is equipped with grills and seating, where guests can enjoy barbecue sessions. It’s a social space where travelers can cook and dine together, often used for events or gatherings.

Tea & Coffee Making Facilities

Inns normally give admittance to tea and espresso-making offices, for example, pots, espresso machines, or heated water gadgets. This permits visitors to brew their hot drinks whenever of the day.

Some Entertainment Of Selina Mexico City Downtown

Some Entertainment Of Selina Mexico City Downtown

Here’s a breakdown of the common entertainment offerings found at places like Selina Mexico City Downtown:

  • Board Games
  • Wi-Fi
  • Movie Nights
  • Book Exchange
  • Social Events

Board Games

Hostels often provide a selection of board games for guests to enjoy. These games can range from classics like chess and Monopoly to more modern options, offering a fun and interactive way for travelers to socialize and pass the time.


Free Wi-Fi access is a standard offering in many hostels, including Selina. It allows guests to stay connected, browse the internet, communicate, and access online resources during their stay.

Movie Nights

Some hostels organize movie nights where they screen films or documentaries in a communal area. This activity encourages guests to gather, relax, and enjoy a movie together, often accompanied by snacks or drinks.

Book Exchange

Book exchanges are common in hostels, allowing guests to swap books they’ve finished reading for others left behind by fellow travelers. It’s a great way for guests to find new reading material and contribute to the hostel’s library.

Social Events

Hostels often organize social events or activities to encourage interaction among guests. These occasions can incorporate city visits, bar creeps, and cooking classes. The language trade meetings, unrecorded music, or social nights, set out open doors for voyagers to interface and have some good times together.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q2: Is there parking available for guests at Selina Mexico City Downtown?

Ans: Yes, offers parking facilities for guests. Please contact the reception for further information on availability and any associated fees.

Q3: Does Selina Mexico City Downtown provide Wi-Fi for guests?

Ans: Absolutely! Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi is accessible throughout the property, including rooms and common areas, ensuring guests stay connected throughout their stay.

Q4: Are there private rooms available at Selina Mexico City Downtown?

Ans: Yes, offers private rooms along with shared dormitories. Private rooms provide a more intimate and personalized accommodation option for guests seeking additional privacy.

Q5: What amenities are available in the rooms at Selina Mexico City Downtown?

Ans: Rooms at are equipped with comfortable beds, linens, and towels. Additionally, private rooms may include amenities such as en suite bathrooms, air conditioning, and in-room lockers for secure storage.

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