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Marrakech International Airport is also known as Menara Airport and is a passage to the dynamic and socially rich city of Marrakech, Morocco. This Airport is situated roughly 6 kilometers southwest of the city center, it serves as a critical connection among Morocco and worldwide destinations.

It is famous for its unmistakable architectural design inspired by traditional Moroccan art, Marrakech Airport invites a huge number of explorers each year. The terminal, with its mix of modern amenities and traditional aesthetics, reflects the charm of Marrakech itself.

As perhaps one of the busiest airports in the country, it takes care of a different scope of passengers, from those exploring the historic Medina to guests looking for the luxurious resorts of the district. This International Airport not only embodies the spirit of Morocco as well as assumes a significant part in connecting global travelers to the unique charm and charm of Marrakech and its encompassing attractions.

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This Airport is also known as Menara Airport and boasts a rich history tracing back to its inauguration in 1947. Initially constructed by the United States as a military airfield during The Second Great War, it transitioned into a regular citizen airport following Moroccan independence in 1956.

Over the decades, the airport has gone through critical expansions and renovations to accommodate the development of the travel industry in Marrakech and southern Morocco.


This International Airport is located around 6 kilometers southwest of the city area of Marrakech, Morocco. Marrakech International Airport Morocco location is Avenue Guemassa, Marrakech 40000, Morocco.

It serves as a significant center point for both domestic and international flights, offering connections with different destinations in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. With its modern facilities and helpful area, it plays a crucial role in working with movement to and from the vibrant city of Marrakech.

Latest Airport news

Points of Marrakech International

This Airport has recently announced significant developments pointed toward upgrading traveler satisfaction and operational efficiency. The airport has introduced innovative technology innovation arrangements to smooth out the check-in process and upgrade the general traveler experience.

Additionally, It has collaborated with airlines to expand its route organization. This Airport introduces new direct flights with key objections in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, subsequently improving availability and accessibility for passengers.

Interactive Map

The interactive map of This International Airport offers passengers an easy-to-understand tool to explore the airport’s facilities and amenities efficiently. Available through the airport’s official site or dedicated mobile app, the Marrakech International Airport Morocco map gives definite data on terminal layout, gate locations, dining choices, and retail outlets.

Passengers can easily search for specific points of interest, view constant updates on Marrakech International Airport Morocco flight schedule and gate assignments, and plan their route through the airport effortlessly.


Marrakech airport departures experience explorers with a consistent and effective process as they embark on their journeys. Upon Marrakech airport arrivals, travelers continue through designated check-in counters, where they get help from friendly and helpful staff members.

After completing check-in procedures, passengers continue to security-designated spots, where they go through screening to guarantee safety and compliance with guidelines.


The arrival experience at This International Airport invites explorers with efficiency and accommodation as they arrive at their destination. After landing from their flights, travelers continue through immigration and customs clearance, where they are welcomed by courteous and professional staff who work with the process with speed and effectiveness.

Baggage claim areas are well-organized, permitting explorers to recover their luggage quickly and without any problem. Once outside the secure area, travelers approach different transportation choices, including taxis, and buses, to reach their final destinations in Marrakech and then some.


The terminal of This Airport serves as a bustling center for domestic and worldwide travelers, offering a scope of offices and services to improve the traveler experience. The terminal highlights various conveniences, including check-in counters, retail shops, cafes, and obligation-free outlets.

Travelers can explore the terminal effectively with clear signage and helpful staff accessible to help with inquiries and directions.


This International Airport offers convenient parking choices for travelers, giving both short-term and long-term parking facilities to accommodate different requirements. Situated within nearness to the terminal building, the parking regions are sufficiently bright, secure, and effective. It offers peace of mind to travelers leaving their vehicles behind.

Explorers can look over a scope of parking choices, including covered and open-air parking spaces, as well as assigned regions for disabled passengers. The airport also gives an easy-to-use payment system, permitting explorers to pay for parking helpfully after leaving the facility.


The shops at This Airport offer explorers a different choice of retail experiences, taking special care of various tastes and preferences. From luxury stores to gift shops, explorers can investigate a scope of contributions, including design clothing, electronics, local crafts, and Moroccan specialties. Duty-free outlets permit travelers to shop for tax-free goods, including perfumes, beauty care products, and tobacco products.

City Center

The city center of Marrakech is situated close to Marrakech International Airport, offering travelers an energetic and socially rich objective to explore. Saturated with history and tradition, the city center is renowned for its clamoring souks, historic landmarks, and architectural wonders like the famous Koutoubia Mosque and the bustling Jemaa el-Fna square.

Guests can wander through the narrow alleys of the medina, wonder about the intricate tilework of the Bahia Palace, or explore the rich gardens of the Majorelle Garden.

Things To Do

This International Airport offers explorers various exercises and amenities to enjoy during their time at the airport. Travelers can relax and unwind in comfortable seating regions while exploiting free Wi-Fi access to remain connected.

For those hoping to enjoy culinary pleasures, the airport features a selection of cafes and restaurants serving both local Moroccan cuisine and worldwide top choices. Duty-free shopping opportunities allow explorers to peruse an extent of things, including souvenirs, fashion, electronics, and more.

Visa And Immigration

The visa and immigration procedures at This Airport are designed to work with smooth passage and exit for travelers arriving in or leaving Morocco. Upon arrival, travelers are expected to introduce their passports and any necessary visas to immigration authorities for inspection.

Depending on their nationality and travel circumstances, guests might be dependent upon extra screening or documentation necessities. The immigration process plans to guarantee consistency with Moroccan immigration laws and regulations while giving an inviting and efficient experience for explorers.


  • Movenpick Hotel Mansour Eddahbi Marrakech
  • Labranda Rose Aqua Parc
  • Atlas Medina & Spa
  • Riad & Spa Mabrouk
  • Les Jardins de l’Agdal Hotel & Spa


  • Wi-Fi Services
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Currency Exchange
  • Car Rental Services
  • Parking (Short Stay, Long Stay)
  • Information Desks
  • Check-in Counters
  • Baggage Claim Services
  • Immigration and Customs
  • Lounges
  • Duty-Free Shops
Airport type Public c / Military
Owner Royal Moroccan Air Force
Operator ONDA
Serves Marrakesh-Safi
Location Marrakesh, Morocco
Focus city for EasyJet Royal Air Maroc

Transavia France

Operating base for


TUI fly Belgium

Elevation AMSL 1,545 ft / 471 m
Coordinates 31°36′25″N 008°02′11″W
Direction Length Surface
m ft
10/28 3,100 10,170 Asphalt
Aircraft movements (2023) 48,150
Passengers (2023) 6,903,964
Passenger change 22-23  41%

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is Marrakesh airport big?

Ans: Yes, Marrakech International Airport is considered a big airport, it serves as a significant center for domestic and worldwide flights with present-day facilities and efficient services.

Q: What rank is Marrakech airport? 

Ans: This Airport positions among the busiest airports in Morocco. It plays a vital part in working with air travel to and from the energetic city of Marrakech.

Q: Is Marrakech Airport easy?

Ans: Yes, This International Airport is generally considered easy to explore, with clear signage, supportive staff, and current facilities that add to a smooth and peaceful travel experience for passengers.

Q: Which international airlines fly to Marrakech?

Ans: Several international airlines fly to Marrakech International Airport. given below

  • British Airways
  • Air France, Ryanair
  • easyJet
  • TUI Airways
  • Lufthansa
  •  Royal Air Maroc

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