Manchester Airport is situated in Ringway, Manchester, England, and stands as one of the United Kingdom’s busiest and most conspicuous global airports. This Airport was established in 1938 and has undergone significant expansions throughout the long term, developing into a state-of-the-art facility.

Boasting three traveler terminals, it accommodates millions of travelers every year, offering a wide cluster of domestic and international flights. Manchester gives a consistent and pleasant travel experience for passengers.

Its essential area and efficient operations add to its standing as a central participant in the global aviation network, working with a network and adding to the economic vitality of the Greater Manchester locale.

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Manchester Airport is situated in Greater Manchester, England, and boasts the location Manchester M90 1QX, United Kingdom. This Airport is Arranged around 14 kilometers southwest of Manchester city center.

The address anchors an expansive complex involving terminals and different amenities. Its strategic location and present-day offices make this airport a vital gateway for domestic and global travel.

Interactive Map

The Interactive Map of this airport is a significant device for travelers exploring the bustling terminals and offices of one of the UK’s busiest airports.

With interactive elements empowering zooming and featuring central issues of interest, navigating the vast airport becomes intuitive and helpful. From check-in counters to boarding entryways, the Interactive Map upgrades the airport experience, guaranteeing smooth advances and stress-free travel for all travelers.


This Airport is situated in Ringway, Manchester, and has a rich history tracing back to its opening in 1938 as Ringway Airport. Initially utilized for military purposes during the Second World War, it later changed into a common airport.

Throughout the long term, This Airport has expanded altogether, with the development of extra terminals and runways to accommodate its developing passenger and cargo traffic.


The airport departures buzzed with vibrant energy as explorers set out on excursions to objections all over. In the hustle and bustle, passengers eagerly line to check in, their excitement unmistakable.

The sleek architecture and current conveniences offer solace and comfort, while the expectation of exploration fills the air. Beyond the bustling crowds, departure entryways stand prepared, promising adventures yet to unfold.


The airport arrivals invite explorers with clamoring action and a vibrant environment. As travelers step off their flights, they are welcomed by the unique energy of the airport.

From families reuniting to business travelers exploring their direction, the space hums with expectation and fervor. With its proficient offices and inviting ambiance, the arrival zone establishes the vibe for a memorable experience in Manchester.

Best Points of Manchester Airport


The Terminal of this airport bustles with energy as explorers wind through its corridors, anticipation obvious in the air. The vast expanse is a symphony of development, with travelers hurrying to registration counters and security checkpoints.

Glowing departure boards illuminate the space, directing travelers to their doors. The terminal stands as a gateway to adventures, epitomizing the soul of movement and association.

  • Manchester Airport Terminal 1: Serving a multitude of airlines, Terminal 1 offers domestic and international flights with modern facilities and amenities for travelers.
  • Manchester Airport Terminal 2: Providing a seamless travel experience, Terminal 2 caters to various airlines and destinations, ensuring convenience and comfort for passengers.
  • Manchester Airport Terminal 3: With its efficient services and passenger-friendly amenities, Terminal 3 offers a smooth travel experience for both domestic and international flights in Manchester.


The airport parking facilities give convenient and secure choices to explorers. With different parking zones tailored to different necessities, from short-term stays to extended trips, travelers can easily find a reasonable spot near their takeoff terminal.

From covered parking designs to open-air lots, the facilities offer adaptability and peace of mind for leaving vehicles during travel. Efficient transport administrations guarantee consistent transportation between parking regions and the airport terminals, upgrading the general travel experience for travelers departing from Manchester.


The shops of this airport beckon travelers with a different exhibit of contributions, from very good quality design stores to convenient travel essentials.

Whether enjoying last-minute extravagance buys or picking up practical items for the journey, the airport’s retail scene takes special care of different preferences and needs, guaranteeing a satisfying shopping experience in the expectation of travel.

City Center

The bustling heart of this airport’s city area beats with energy as travelers explore through its clamoring terminals and vibrant concourses.

Amidst the flurry of action, shops overflow with a variety of goods, while cafes and restaurants offer breaks for weary travelers. From business travelers to holidaymakers, the city center of the Airport fills in as an entryway to endless possibilities and adventures.

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Things To Do

Manchester Airport offers a heap of exercises to indulge in while awaiting your flight. Investigate a variety of shops, from luxury boutiques to convenient outlets, taking special care of every taste and need.

Treat yourself to a different culinary experience at the various restaurants scattered all through the terminals. Relax in agreeable lounges equipped with amenities to revive before boarding. For entertainment, get up to speed with the most recent movies at the airport cinema or browse captivating exhibitions showcasing nearby culture and craftsmanship.

Visa And Immigration

Manchester Visa and Immigration administrations guarantee a consistent entry process for travelers showing up in the UK. Staffed by trained professionals, this office effectively handles visa requests and immigration procedures.

With smoothed-out processes and a guarantee of security, the Airport’s Visa and Immigration facilities facilitate work with smooth changes, permitting passengers to begin their UK adventures quickly and bother-free.

Airport type Public
Owner/Operator Manchester Airport Holdings
Serves Greater Manchester
Location Ringway, Manchester, England
Opened 25 June 1938; 85 years ago
Elevation AMSL 257 ft / 78 m
Coordinates 53°21′14″N 2°16′30″W
Website manchesterairport.co.uk
Direction Length Surface
m ft
05L/23R 3,048 10,000 Concrete
05R/23L 3,050 10,007 Concrete/
grooved asphalt
Statistics (2022)
Passengers 23,364,471
Passenger change 21-22 284%
Aircraft movements 151,460
Movements change 21-22 151%


  • Clayton Hotel Manchester
  • Premier Inn Manchester (M56/J6) Runger Lane South
  • Radisson Blu Hotel Airport
  • Crowne Plaza Airport
  • Hilton Airport


  • Information Desks
  • Medical Services
  • Manchester Shopping
  • Airport Parking Services
  • Wi-Fi and Charging Stations
  • Escape Lounges
  • Multi-Faith Prayer Rooms
  • Manchester Car Rental
  • Travelex Currency Exchange
  • Lost and Found

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Which city is Manchester Airport?

Ans: This Airport is situated close to the city of Manchester in the UK. The airport serves as a critical transportation center point for the region, working with domestic and worldwide air travel.

Q: How many airports are in Manchester UK?

Ans: Manchester, UK, has one global airport, which is Manchester Airport. It is the essential airport serving the Greater Manchester region and is a key transportation center point connecting the city to different domestic.

Q: Is 2 hours enough for Manchester Airport?

Ans: A 2-hour time frame at Manchester is for the most part adequate for homegrown flights and short-haul international journeys. However, for long-haul global flights, it is advisable to arrive before representing registration, and security, guaranteeing a calm travel.

Q: Which airport is closer to Manchester? 

Ans: Manchester is the closest airport to Manchester City. It is situated roughly 7.5 miles southwest. This airport is the essential and generally convenient choice for travelers hoping to access Manchester and its encompassing regions.

Q: Can I stay overnight at Manchester Airport?

Ans: Sure, you can stay overnight at This Airport. There are nearby hotels, like Radisson Blu Hotel Airport, giving helpful convenience for passengers with early morning or late-night flights.

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