Kimberley Airport (KIM)

Kimberley Airport (KIM) is situated in the core of the Northern Cape province in South Africa and serves as an essential air link to this generally rich and culturally different region. It is located close to the iconic Big Hole, the airport invites explorers to the city of Kimberley.

Despite being a generally small airport, This Airport plays an essential part in connecting the region to domestic destinations. It takes care of the necessities of both business and leisure travelers, offering fundamental services and facilities. The airport’s vicinity to significant historical sites, for example, the Kimberley Mine Museum and William Humphreys Art Gallery.

It makes a helpful entry point for those exploring the special legacy and attractions of the Northern Cape. Kimberley Airport’s role in working with access to this dazzling region highlights its significance in promoting industry and economic activity in the area.

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This Airport flaunts a rich history intertwined with the development of South Africa’s diamond mining industry. It was established in the early 20th century, the airport served as a crucial transportation center for miners and traders flocking to the locale in the quest for diamond riches.

It has developed to accommodate the developing demand for air travel and travel industry in the Northern Cape province. Today, it remains a modern facility offering domestic flights to significant urban communities like Johannesburg and Cape Town.


This Airport is situated in the Northern Cape region of South Africa, serving the city of Kimberley and its encompassing regions. It is situated around 7 kilometers south of the city center, Kimberley airport address is Monument Heights Road, Kimberley, 8301, South Africa.

It offers domestic flights to significant urban areas like Johannesburg and Cape Town, giving fundamental air connectivity for both business and leisure explorers visiting the locale.

Latest (KIM) Airport news

This International Airport has recently announced significant improvements in its offices and administration. The aim is to give a more efficient and comfortable experience for travelers. The improvements include the modernization of terminal buildings and improvements to safety efforts and passenger conveniences.

Additionally, It has presented a new Kimberley airport flight schedule and increased frequencies to key destinations, cultivating more connectivity and accessibility for passengers.

Interactive Map

The interactive map of Kimberley Airport (KIM) offers travelers a comprehensive overview of the airport’s design and offices, upgrading route, and client experience. With detailed markers indicating key regions like terminals, gates, check-in counters, and amenities like shops and Kimberley airport restaurants.

Map permits zooming, real-time flight data, and ground transport details for closer inspection. This airport works with consistent travel arrangements for guests to Kimberley and its encompassing regions.


Departing from This Airport entails a seamless process designed to guarantee travelers’ comfort and efficiency. Travelers effectively continue through check-in counters as committed airline staff help with luggage drop-offs and boarding tickets.

Points of Kimberley Airport

Security methods are diligently completed to maintain safety standards, with baggage screening and traveler checks conducted before entering the departure lounge. Once cleared, travelers continue to the departure gates where they anticipate boarding announcements.


This International Airport invites travelers with efficient arrival procedures intended to guarantee smooth progress into the historic city of Kimberley, South Africa. After landing, travelers are directed through the terminal to baggage claim and immigration counters staffed by friendly officials who help with visa requirements and entry processes.

The airport’s compact design works with the simple route, permitting travelers to swiftly collect their luggage and continue to ground transportation choices, including rental cars, for ahead travel to their destinations.


This Airport boasts a modern terminal intended to take special care of the requirements of travelers. This is an important transportation center point in the Northern Cape region of South Africa. The terminal offers a scope of conveniences and services pointed toward guaranteeing passenger comfort and convenience.

From spacious departure and arrival halls equipped with seating regions and data work areas to efficient check-in counters and staff taking care of facilities. Additionally, travelers can avail themselves of conveniences like shops and restaurants, making Kimberley Airport an inviting passage to the locale.


This International Airport offers helpful parking facilities for travelers, guaranteeing a problem-free experience. It gives both short-term and long-term parking choices, accommodating the necessities of travelers arriving for different durations.

Guests can easily access designated parking areas located close toy to the terminal building, improving accessibility and comfort. With secure and very much kept up with parking facilities, it guarantees the safety of vehicles while travelers embark on their journeys.


This Airport offers a different cluster of shops and amenities taking special care of the necessities of travelers passing through its terminals. From retail outlets highlighting nearby crafts and gifts to convenience stores stocking travel essentials, the airport guarantees travelers approach various goods and services.

Whether guests are looking for last-minute travel accessories, or unique mementos to honor their journey. The shops at Kimberley Airport give a helpful and inviting climate for travelers to explore and enjoy while anticipating their flights.

City Center

This International Airport is situated in the core of Kimberley, South Africa, and serves as a fundamental transportation center point for the region. The airport offers helpful admittance to both domestic and international travelers visiting Kimberley and its encompassing regions.

With modern facilities and effective services, it gives an inviting entry point for tourists exploring the notable sites and cultural landmarks that characterize this dynamic city in the Northern Cape province.

Things To Do

This Airport offers different exercises and amenities to upgrade travelers’ experiences. Guests can explore the airport’s retail outlets and gift shops, giving them a chance to buy remarkable things and gifts.

Travelers can enjoy the different dining choices available, ranging from cafes serving freshly brewed coffee to restaurants offering nearby food and worldwide fare. The airport highlights comfortable seating areas and lounges where travelers can relax, or catch up with work utilizing free Wi-Fi access.

Visa And Immigration

This International Airport guarantees efficient visa and immigration processes for travelers arriving at its office. After landing, travelers are directed to designated immigration counters where prepared authorities meticulously process visa applications and lead important immigration checks.

Depending on nationality and travel arrangements, travelers might be expected to present valid passports, visas, or other significant documentation for entry into South Africa. Committed staff individuals give help and guidance to facilitate the process, guaranteeing consistency with immigration regulations and maintaining security standards.


  • The Halfway House Hotel
  • Protea Hotel by Marriott Kimberley
  • The Kimberley Club Boutique Hotel
  • Diamond Lodge
  • Road Lodge Kimberley


  • Wi-Fi Services
  • Duty-Free Shops
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Currency Exchange
  • Car Rental Services
  • Parking (Short Stay, Long Stay)
  • Information Desks
  • Check-in Counters
  • Baggage Claim Services
  • Immigration and Customs
  • Lounges
Airport type Public
Operator Airports Company South Africa
Location Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa
Elevation AMSL 3,950 ft / 1,204 m
Coordinates 28°48′06″S 24°45′49″E
Direction Length Surface
m ft
02/20 3,000 9,843 Asphalt
10/28 2,439 8,002 Asphalt

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does Kimberley have an airport?

Ans: Yes, Kimberley is served by Kimberley Airport. The airport works with domestic flights, connecting Kimberley with different cities in South Africa.

Q: Does Kimberley BC have an airport?

Ans: The Canadian Rockies International Airport is situated just outside of Kimberley, and offers everyday flights. It gives a free winter transportation administration between the Kimberley Alpine Resort base region.

Q: How long is Kimberley Airport runway?

Ans: The runway at Kimberley Airport in South Africa is around 2,400 meters in length, accommodating different types of aircraft for domestic flights to and from the district.

Q: Which country is George Airport in?

Ans: George Airport is situated in South Africa. It serves the city of George in the Western Cape area and gives domestic flights within South Africa, associating the district with significant urban communities.

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