John Wayne Airport, located in Orange County, California, is eminent for its helpful access and productive activities. Serving as a major gateway to the region, this air terminal offers consistent travel insight with present-day offices and a welcoming atmosphere. Passengers enjoy a range of amenities, from upscale dining options to convenient transportation services, enhancing their journey.

Top 20 Focuses in John Wayne Airport, Orange County (SNA)

Focuses in John Wayne Airport, Orange County

  • History
  • The Latest SNA Airport News
  • Address
  • Interactive Map
  • Arrival
  • Plan Your Trip
  • City Center
  • Things To Do In SNA
  • Facilities
  • Terminal
  • Departure
  • Bag Check
  • Parking
  • SNA Airport Shopping Spots
  • Where to Eat at SNA Airport
  • Dine
  • Hotel
  • Transport In SNA
  • Visa And Immigration
  • Summary


John Wayne Airport in Orange County boasts a rich history tracing back to its origin in 1923 as the Orange Province Air terminal. It evolved into a significant aviation hub, renamed out of appreciation for entertainer John Wayne in 1979. Throughout its history, the airport has undergone expansions and renovations to meet. The developing requests for air travel in Southern California.

Despite facing challenges such as airspace restrictions and ecological worries, John Wayne Air terminal has reliably adjusted. It can emerge as a vital transportation gateway for the region while preserving. It is a legacy as an integral part of Orange County’s aviation heritage.

The Latest SNA Airport News

The latest news at John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Orange County highlights ongoing efforts to enhance passenger experience. It can safety measures amidst evolving travel conditions. Recent updates may include advancements in technology for streamlined check-in processes.

The expansions or renovations to terminal facilities to accommodate increasing passenger traffic. It drives us to focus on well-being and cleanliness norms because of the Coronavirus pandemic.


John Wayne Airport, situated in Orange County, boasts a convenient and easily accessible address at 18601 Airport Way, Santa Ana, CA 92707. This strategic location offers travelers seamless access to the airport from various parts of Orange County and beyond.

With its well-connected road networks and proximity to major highways, including the 405 and 55 freeways, the airport’s address facilitates smooth arrivals and departures for passengers, enhancing the overall travel experience.

Interactive Map

John Wayne Airport in Orange County boasts an interactive map system that enhances passenger experience and navigation throughout the airport. This cutting-edge technology provides real-time information on amenities.

It can services, and terminal facilities, empowering voyagers to effortlessly find doors, eateries, shops, and different focal points. The interactive map offers intuitive features such as zoom and search functionalities.


Arriving at John Wayne Airport in Orange County offers a consistent encounter portrayed by effectiveness and comfort. Passengers are greeted by a modern and well-organized terminal. The baggage claim areas and ground transportation options are easily accessible.

Friendly staff ready to assist, travelers swiftly navigate through immigration and customs procedures. It is conveniences, for example, rental vehicle administrations and transport choices improve accommodation.

Plan Your Trip

Planning your trip through John Wayne Airport in Orange County promises a seamless and enjoyable experience. The airport’s convenient layout and excellent facilities ensure efficiency and comfort. Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, John Wayne Airport offers a range of amenities.

It can incorporate eating choices, retail outlets, and parlors to take special care of your necessities. With streamlined security procedures and helpful staff. Navigating through the airport is stress-free.

City Center

At John Wayne Airport in Orange County, the downtown area fills in as a clamoring center point inside the terminal. It can offer a variety of amenities and services for travelers. The dining options range from local favorites to international cuisines to shops featuring both luxury brands and convenient travel essentials.

The downtown area takes care of assorted traveler needs. With comfortable seating areas, charging stations, and free Wi-Fi. It provides a welcoming environment for passengers to relax or catch up on work while waiting for their flights.

Things To Do In SNA

John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Orange County offers different exercises to capitalize on your time while hanging tight for a flight. Travelers can explore a diverse selection of dining options, ranging from local eateries to well-known chains. They provide a taste of Orange County’s culinary scene.

SNA features shops where passengers can browse through souvenirs, gifts, and travel essentials. For those looking to unwind, happy with seating regions and calm zones are accessible all through the terminal. It can allow passengers to unwind before their journey.


John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Orange County brags a reach first-rate offices taking special care of the necessities of voyagers. Passengers can enjoy a variety of dining options, from light meals to semi-formal eateries, offering assorted foods to suit each taste.

The airport also features retail outlets where explorers can look for last-minute basics, gifts, and trinkets. SNA provides free Wi-Fi throughout the terminals, as well as charging stations for electronic devices.


The terminal at John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Orange Province flaunts current conveniences and a smoothed-out plan, furnishing explorers with a helpful and productive experience. From the moment passengers enter, they experience open and efficient registration counters.

It is complemented by a range of dining and retail options. The terminal’s layout ensures easy navigation. The clear signage guides passengers to security checkpoints and departure gates.


At John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Orange County, takeoff processes are smoothed out and voyagers are well disposed of. Passengers experience proficient registration methods worked with by considerate staff. It is security checkpoints are well-organized to ensure safety without causing significant delays.

SNA offers a range of amenities in the departure area. Additionally, it includes dining options, shopping opportunities, and comfortable waiting areas.  It can allow travelers to relax before their flights.

Bag Check

At John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Orange County, the bag check process is streamlined and convenient. It can offer travelers a seamless start to their journey. Passengers can expect efficient service and friendly assistance from airport staff as they drop off their luggage.

The designated bag check areas are equipped with modern technology and attentive personnel. SNA ensures that bags are swiftly processed and securely transferred to the appropriate flights.


Parking at John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Orange County offers a variety of convenient options for travelers.  They include Terminal Parking Structures A1, A2, and B2, offering proximity to terminals with hourly and daily rates. There’s also the Main Street Parking Lot with affordable daily rates, accessible via a shuttle service to terminals.

The Terminal Parking Structures A2 and B2 provide valet parking options. Additionally, SNA offers convenient cell phone waiting areas. It has electric vehicle charging stations, ensuring a seamless parking experience for all travelers passing through the airport.

SNA Airport Shopping Spots

At John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Orange County, shopping spots offer a different cluster of choices taking special care of explorers’ necessities and inclinations. From luxury boutiques to convenient travel essentials, SNA’s shopping venues provide a seamless retail experience.

Passengers can explore a variety of shops offering fashion, electronics, gifts, and local souvenirs. It can upgrade their movement experience with a hint of Orange Region pizazz. With its convenient layout and selection. Shopping at SNA Airport adds to the overall enjoyment and convenience of the journey.

Where to Eat at SNA Airport

John Wayne Airport, Orange County travelers have a variety of dining options to choose from. It can crave a quick bite or a sit-down meal, SNA offers a different scope of diners taking care of various preferences and dietary inclinations.

From grab-and-go options like coffee shops and delis to full-service restaurants offering gourmet meals. The passengers can enjoy a satisfying culinary experience while waiting for their flights. It is many of the dining establishments at SNA showcase local flavors and ingredients.


At John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Orange County, the dining experience is elevated with a diverse array of options catering to every palate. Travelers can indulge in a variety of culinary delights. It can be craving regional specialties or international flavors, and the airport’s dining establishments prioritize quality and freshness.

They provide a satisfying culinary journey for passengers before their flights. The attentive service and convenient locations throughout the terminal.


The hotel at John Wayne Airport in Orange County offers a convenient and comfortable stay for travelers. It is situated within Nerby to the airport terminals. Boasting modern amenities and spacious accommodations. The hotel provides a tranquil retreat for guests amidst the bustling airport environment.

It is easy to access transportation hubs and nearby attractions. Visitors can explore the vibrant Orange County region while partaking in the inn’s immaculate assistance and neighborliness.

Transport In SNA

Transport at John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Orange County is convenient and well-organized, with different choices accessible for voyagers. From rental car services and ride-sharing platforms to transport administrations and public transportation. SNA caters to diverse transportation needs.

The airport provides easy access to major highways, taking into account consistent associations with encompassing regions and attractions. It can offer amenities such as parking facilities and ground transportation information desks to assist passengers in navigating their onward journeys efficiently.

Visa And Immigration

At John Wayne Airport in Orange County, TVisa and migration processes are proficiently figured out how to work with consistent travel encounters. Upon arrival, passengers are directed to designated areas for visa processing and immigration screenings.

The airport provides comprehensive support and resources to assist travelers in navigating the visa and is overseen by trained officers who ensure compliance with regulations. The smooth handling of TVisa and immigration matters contributes to a positive travel experience for all passengers.

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Airport type Public
Owner/Operator Orange County
Serves Orange County / Santa Ana
Location 18601 Airport Way
Santa Ana, California
Elevation AMSL 56 ft / 17 m
Coordinates 33°40′32″N 117°52′06″W
Website ocair.com
Direction Length Surface
ft m
02L/20R 5,700 1,737 Asphalt
02R/20L 2,886 880 Asphalt
Statistics (2023)
Passenger volume 11,741,325
Aircraft operations 273,175
Source: Federal Aviation Administration

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is Orange County SNA the same as John Wayne Airport?

Ans: Yes, Orange County’s SNA is synonymous with John Wayne Airport, both referring to the same airport serving the region.

Q: How far apart are SNA and LAX?

Ans: SNA (John Wayne Airport) and LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) are approximately 40 miles apart, with a driving distance of around 45-60 minutes depending on traffic conditions.

Q: Is John Wayne Airport the same as LAX?

Ans: No, John Wayne Airport (SNA) and LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) are different airports serving Southern California, each with its facilities, locations, and characteristics.

Q: What does SNA stand for in airports?

Ans: SNA in airports stands for John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California.

Q: Is John Wayne Airport a big airport?

Ans: John Wayne Airport is a mid-sized airport serving Orange County, California, with a focus on domestic flights and limited international service.

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