Hail Regional Airport (HAS) is situated in the core of the Hail region in Saudi Arabia and serves as a crucial air transportation center associating this historically rich region with the more extensive world. It is nestled in the huge scenes of northern Saudi Arabia, HAS plays a fundamental part in working with domestic air travel and adding to the region’s economic and cultural exchange.

This airport is equipped with present-day facilities, reflecting the growing significance of Hail as a destination for the business and travel industry. As voyagers arrive at Hail Regional Airport, they are greeted not only by efficient air travel administrations as well as by the appeal of Hail’s historical sites, grand magnificence, and the warm hospitality of its people. Hail Regional Airport stands as a demonstration of the district’s development and its increasing role in the Kingdom’s flying organization.

Top 14 Interesting Points of Hail Regional Airport (HAS)

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Established to enjoy the transportation needs of Hail Airport Saudi Arabia. This Airport has a rich history tracing back to its origin. Initially conceived to upgrade provincial availability and foster economic development, the airport has advanced for years to accommodate increasing passenger traffic and aviation requests. Its essential role as a vital transportation center has contributed fundamentally to the development and accessibility of Hail and its encompassing regions.


This Airport is situated in the city of Hail, in the northern district of Saudi Arabia. It is located roughly 10 kilometers southwest of the city center, the airport serves as a crucial transportation center point for the Hail Province. Hail Airport’s location connects the province to domestic destinations and adds to the locale’s economic and social development.

Latest HAS Airport news

In ongoing developments at This Airport, recent news features upgrades in infrastructure and administration offerings, highlighting the airport’s commitment to elevating the traveler experience. These advancements reflect the airport’s dedication to meeting the developing necessities of travelers and further situating Hail as a key flying center in Saudi Arabia.

Interactive Map

14 Interesting Points of Hail Regional Airport

Investigate the complexities of This Airport through our interactive, offering itemized bits of knowledge about the airport’s format and facilities. Navigate through terminals and amenities effortlessly, permitting travelers to design their journey effectively and make informed decisions about their travel experience at Hail Regional Airport.


The departure area of This Airport exudes an air of anticipation as voyagers set out on journeys to destinations near and far. With its cutting-edge conveniences and efficient services, the departure terminal offers a consistent change for travelers from check-in to boarding gates. Explorers find comfort in spacious seating and helpful facilities, guaranteeing smooth travels from Hail to destinations.


The Arrival section of This Airport invites voyagers to the enchanting city of Hail, Saudi Arabia, with warmth and effectiveness. As passengers disembark from their flights, they are welcomed by present-day facilities and courteous staff prepared to help with movement and onward travel plans. Whether arriving for business or leisure, the Arrival region establishes the vibe for a smooth and charming experience in Hail.


The terminal of This Airport fills in as the clamoring core of air travel in the northern district of Saudi Arabia. With its modern architecture and effective plan, the terminal gives travelers a consistent journey experience. Travelers explore through an efficient space equipped with conveniences and services that take care of their requirements. The terminal’s climate reflects the warmth and hospitality of Hail, inviting guests to investigate the city’s cultural heritage and natural wonders.


The parking facilities at This Airport offer accommodation and accessibility to travelers flying all through the district. The efficient design and clear signage guarantee simplicity of navigation, while the vicinity of the terminal guarantees minimal strolling distance for travelers with luggage. HAS’s parking region gives a problem-free experience, permitting travelers to focus on their travel plans with peace of mind.


The shops at This Airport offer travelers a different cluster of shopping experiences in their journey. From souvenir stalls to duty-free outlets, travelers can investigate various goods, including local handicrafts and travel basics. With a choice taking care of different tastes and preferences, the airport shops give a helpful and charming shopping experience for travelers going through Hail Regional Airport.

City Center

This Airport is Situated in the core of Hail, Saudi Arabia, the City Center serves as a significant transportation center point connecting the region with domestic and worldwide destinations. The bustling city area encompassing the airport offers a dynamic blend of social attractions, shopping centers, and culinary pleasures. The city center’s ideal spot offers convenient admittance to the airport, inviting visitors to explore Hail’s charms.

Things To Do

While This Airport primarily serves as a transportation center point for travelers visiting the Hail district of Saudi Arabia, there are a few exercises and conveniences accessible to make your time at the airport pleasant. Guests can investigate the airport’s shops and restaurants, offering different neighborhood and worldwide cuisines and shopping options. HAS gives comfortable seating areas and Wi-Fi access, for travelers to relax and remain associated while waiting for their Hail Airport flight schedule.

Visa And Immigration

The Visa and Immigration section of This Airport plays a critical part in welcoming travelers to the energetic city of Hail, Saudi Arabia. This department guarantees the consistent processing of visas and passports, adhering to stringent safety efforts while working with quick clearance for arriving travelers. As travelers embark on their journey to investigate Hail’s rich social legacy and normal natural wonders. The Visa and Immigration segment remains the gateway to an enriching and memorable experience in the core of the Arabian Peninsula.


  • Swiss International Park Hotel
  • Raoum Inn Hail
  • Millennium Hotel Hail
  • Boudl Hail
  • Coral Al Ahsa Hotel Hail


  • Information Desks
  • Wi-Fi Services
  • Duty-Free Shops
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Currency Exchange
  • Car Rental Services
  • Check-in Counters
  • Baggage Claim Services
  • Immigration and Customs
  • Lounges
  • Parking (Short Stay, Long Stay)

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Airport type Public
Operator General Authority of Civil Aviation
Serves Ha’il (Hail)
Location Ha’il Province, Saudi Arabia
Elevation AMSL 3,331 ft / 1,015 m
Coordinates 27°26′16″N 041°41′10″E
Direction Length Surface
m ft
18/36 3,720 12,204 Asphalt

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: What is hail in the Saudi airport code?

Ans: Hail’s Saudi airport code is HAS. It works with domestic flights inside the nation, giving fundamental air connectivity for travelers to and from the area.

Q: What is an example of a regional airport?

Ans: An example of a regional airport is Boise Airport in Idaho, USA. Serving the capital city and encompassing regions, it handles domestic and restricted global flights, giving fundamental air transport services for the district’s residents and guests.

Q: Which airport is TIF?

Ans: TIF is the IATA code for Taif Regional Airport, which is situated in Taif, Saudi Arabia. It works with both domestic and limited global flights, filling in as a key transportation center for travelers visiting the district for business or relaxation purposes.

Q: What is the advantage of the regional airport?

Ans: Regional airports offer nearer closeness to smaller networks, reducing travel time and expenses for residents. They frequently give convenient access to regional attractions and organizations.

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