Gurayat Domestic Airport (URY) serves as an imperative flight office in the northern district of Saudi Arabia. This Airport is situated in the city of Gurayat, this domestic airport plays a pivotal part in connecting the region with different cities within the country. Gurayat Domestic Airport is a fundamental center point for domestic air travel, working with the development of passengers and goods.

Its essential area adds to the accessibility of Gurayat, giving a helpful and efficient means of transportation for both residents and guests. The airport’s role in fostering regional availability highlights its importance in supporting the economic and social exercises of Gurayat and the encompassing regions. Gurayat Domestic Airport plays a key part in improving accessibility and connectivity within Saudi Arabia’s vast and different scene.

Points of Gurayat Domestic Airport

Top 14 Interesting Points of Gurayat Domestic Airport (URY)

  • History
  • Address
  • Latest URY Airport news
  • Interactive Map
  • Departure
  • Arrival
  • Terminal
  • Parking
  • Shops
  • City Center
  • Things To Do
  • Visa And Immigration
  • Hotel
  • Facilities


Gurayat Domestic Airport takes the stand concerning a rich tapestry of aviation history in the district, following its roots back to its humble starting points as a little airstrip serving local networks. Over the years, it has developed into a fundamental transportation center point, connecting Gurayat to significant cities across Saudi Arabia.

The airport’s development matches the development of Gurayat itself, mirroring the district’s advancement and economic vitality.


This Airport is Situated in the core of Gurayat and stands as a vital transportation center interfacing the district to destinations across Saudi Arabia. It is situated at an essential point, Gurayat Domestic Airport ury location exists within simple reach of the city center, working with consistent travel for passengers and cargo the same.

The airport serves as a gateway to the lively culture and business of Gurayat, inviting explorers with warmth and comfort.

Latest URY Airport news

The latest news from Gurayat Domestic Airport (URY) features continuous developments and upgrades pointed toward further developing the travel experience for passengers.

From infrastructure moves up to new service offerings, the airport’s remaining parts focused on giving effective and convenient travel solutions for domestic travelers. Remain tuned for refreshes on initiatives aimed at upgrading the general airport experience for guests and residents the same.

Interactive Map

The Interactive Map of This Airport explores an easy-to-use tool to navigate the bustling terminal and encompassing offices. From check-in counters to feasting choices and rest regions, travelers can easily explore the airport format and plan their journey effortlessly.

With intuitive features and detailed data, the interactive map improves the travel experience, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient transition through Gurayat Domestic Airport.


Gurayat domestic airport ury departures make way for explorers embarking on journeys inside the district and then some. Here, in the smooth architecture and effective facilities, travelers experience the anticipation and excitement of travel.
Travelers bid goodbye to friends and family and enthusiastically await their Qurayyat airport flight schedule, realizing that experience and new experiences await at their destination.


Gurayat domestic airport ury arrivals beckon travelers into the core of northern Saudi Arabia with its warm hospitality and proficient assistance. From the moment of arrival, committed staff guarantees a smooth change, helping with baggage and giving direction to forward travel.

As the gateway to Gurayat’s charms, the airport appearance experience establishes the vibe for remarkable adventures in this vibrant locale.


The terminal of The Airport serves as an essential entryway toward the northern reaches of Saudi Arabia, offering explorers a consistent and effective transit experience. Characterized by its current design and streamlined facilities, the terminal gives an inviting climate for passengers embarking on domestic journeys.

With mindful staff and fundamental conveniences, Gurayat Domestic Airport’s terminal guarantees that travelers depart and arrive effortlessly, working with connections and fostering a sense of exploration in this dynamic locale.


The parking facilities at This Airport offer travelers a helpful and secure space to leave their vehicles while setting out on their journeys. Situated inside closeness to the terminal building, the parking area gives simple admittance to travelers and guests alike.

The well-maintained parking facilities guarantee an issue-free experience for travelers, improving the general comfort of using Gurayat Domestic Airport.


The shops at This Airport offer a brilliant array of products and administrations, taking special care of the necessities and preferences of travelers going through this bustling center.

From quaint souvenir shops showcasing local crafts to helpful stores supplied with travel essentials, travelers can find everything they need for their journey. The shops create an energetic climate, welcoming travelers to investigate and enjoy the unique treasures of Gurayat and then some.

City Center

Situated adjacent to This Airport, the city center serves as a lively center point pulsating with nearby culture and commerce. Boasting bustling markets, interesting bistros, and historic landmarks, it offers travelers a brief look into the core of Gurayat’s community.

With its helpful closeness to the airport, it welcomes guests with open arms, welcoming exploration and discovery amidst its lively roads and warm accommodations.

Things To Do

At This Airport, travelers are welcomed with a variety of exercises and amenities to upgrade their airport experience. Whether awaiting departure or appearance, guests can enjoy different dining choices ranging from local delicacies to global flavors.

Duty-free shopping scenes offer a chance to peruse souvenirs and luxury goods. For those looking for relaxation, comfortable lounges give serene spaces to loosen up before or after the Gurayat domestic airport ury flight schedule.

Visa And Immigration

The Visa and Immigration department at This Airport fills in as the entry point to the city. Manned by dedicated personnel proficient in worldwide conventions, the department guarantees consistent processing of visas and immigration methodology for explorers arriving at this regional center point.

It welcomes visitors to Gurayat with warmth and impressive skill, making way for memorable experiences in this dynamic city.


  • Ayal Nafura Hotel
  • Makarem Annakheel Hotel
  • Al Gara Hotel
  • Yara Plaza Hotel
  • Rayat Layali Al Sahra Hotel


  • Prayer Rooms
  • Car Rental Services
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Parking Facilities
  • Ground Transportation Services
  • Airport Security
  • Check-in Counters
  • Baggage Services
  • Waiting Lounges
  • Information Desks
Airport type Public
Operator Government
Serves Gurayat (Guriat)
Location Al Jawf Province, Saudi Arabia
Elevation AMSL 1,672 ft / 510 m
Coordinates 31°24′42″N 037°16′46″E

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Which airport is closest to Gurayat?

Ans: This Domestic Airport is the nearest airport to Gurayat, offering helpful access to the city and its environmental elements. It is situated in the Al-Jawf, and it fills in as a fundamental transportation place point for domestic flights.

Q: How many domestic airports are there in Saudi Arabia?

Ans: Saudi Arabia boasts approximately 28 domestic airports the nation over, working with efficient air travel inside its tremendous territories. These airports serve as essential transportation center points and add to the nation’s general infrastructure and connectivity.

Q: What is the name of Riyadh airport?

Ans: King Khalid Worldwide Airport is the main international airport serving Riyadh. It is situated roughly 35 kilometers north of Riyadh, RUH is a prominent flying center point, working with worldwide flights.

Q: What is the name of the airport in Dammam?

Ans: The name of the airport in Dammam is King Fahd International Airport, which is around 20 kilometers northwest of Dammam. This airport is one of the biggest airports in the world by land area and works with both homegrown and international flights.

Q: Which is the largest airport in Dammam?

Ans: King Fahd Worldwide Airport is the largest airport in Dammam. It serves as a critical flying place point in the Eastern Province, accommodating a huge volume of worldwide flights, and giving present-day offices and conveniences for passengers.

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