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10 Best Google Trips in the World

Google Trips killed Google Trips. It will provide one of the best and many Google Services. The user is wallowing in disappointment. It had amassed in niche audience and Google could not care less. One of those loyal Google Trips users for time to lose hope and in this article, we have brought some great Google Trips. When Google was launched on September 4, 1998, in Menlo Park, California, United States.  It is an alternative to Trips Features. This application covers everything without any issues.

10 Best Google Trips 

  • Tripit
  • Google Travel, Maps, and Search
  • Guides by Lonely Planet
  • TripCase
  • Sygic Travel
  • TripAdvisor
  • Kayak
  • Roadtrippers
  • PackPoint
  • SaveTrip

1. TripIt

It is one of the best and most complete Travel Applications. Almost all the Google Trips features you will need for organization and planning your travel trips. It is can share your hotel, flight detail, and bookings with Trips. You can create a master itinerary putting all the information in one place. Now the user can need any information about our travel you can check the master itinerary and you are good to go to your best place.

It is the best way to like a Google Flights travel trip. They work offline and that is an amazing tip. Google Trips App Downloadc can also check your flight confirmation number, boarding time, PNR, and terminal and check in at the gate without requiring active internet.


  • You can use the interactive Map.
  • Automatic itinerary management like Google Travel Trips.
  • It can work offline.
  • You can also share these tips with friends and family.
  • The more benefit you can also find the flight details, airport terminal, or gate information.


  • This is a bit expensive.

2. Google Travel, Maps, and Search

Google Travel Tips was undoubtedly a great standalone application for traveling planning. It can currently popular for Google Trips features and is fragmented into various Google Trips App. Moreover, you can also find things to do and local attractions from Google travel/com. Google Travel, Maps, and Search you can search your hotel, and flights, and also track flight fares for specific dates.

Now, You can also find shopping places, weather information, landmarks, travel tips, and a lot of more information. Google Travel Tips is one of the best strong suits for its ability to all the information in one place.


  • It cans itinerary management in Google Maps.
  • You can also find flight details, gate information, and airport terminal with Google Search.
  • The Customer can work with offline Google Maps.


  • The experience is fragmented.

3. Guides by Lonely Planet

It is the best way to find the Guides by Lonely Planet is Google Trips Planner. You can alternatives in terms of destination information. The Lonely Planet is known for its huge glossary of local information. So you will have well-ground information about any destination. Now, at the outset, it is not a complete Google Trips alternative as it does not deal with itinerary management like reminders and booking and more.  You can also find many helpful details about the destination and its hotspots from Lonely Planet. This is a vast database of information. They curate lists of places by travel editors for almost all the top cities in WW.

It is one of the best interesting features that make it distinct from the Google Travel App. It is an audio phrasebook. The audio phrasebook is a collection of common local phrases which can help our users to talk to locals easily. It can available in more than 20 languages, like Chinese, Spanish, English, Japanese and more. The best part of this application its works completely offline.


  • The Audio Phrasebook is used.
  • It can currency converter.
  • Offline works,
  • The map is interactive.
  • Discover places of attractions, cafes, restaurants,s and more from Lonely Planet’s curated list.


  • There is no itinerary management hence no flight details.

4. TripCase

You are looking for a Google Trips replacement that can manage your itinerary and nothing else. The TripCase is the most famous pick for a Google Trip. You can share your hotel, flight, and car reservations with TripsCase. It can create a timeline of all your events. When using this application you can access all your flight details, gate information, and airport terminal for every event.

There is any change at the last minute of this application even alerts with new information. This is the best part of Google Trips when you can share your itinerary with your friends, family, and colleagues.


  • It is best for business travelers.
  • You can share itineraries with friends, and family.
  • Find your personal detail like a hotel, flight, airport, and gate information.


  • It does not work offline.
  • This app does not provide recommendations for touristy sports.

5. Sygic Travel

Sygic Travel is one of the small and new ways to create travel itineraries using various tools and maps. The Google Trips was a complete application that had both itinerary organizations. It can travel recommendations deals with the latter. With Sygic Travel, the user can build a detailed itinerary including sights. The top eateries parks cafes caves and more to travel tips.

This app lets you for a search place and then you can find estimated reviews,  walking time, and distance. You will add these places to your itinerary and invite your family and friends to collaborate as well.


  • It can build detailed itineraries.
  • You can also work offline.
  • Over 360 videos for famous places.
  • You can also discover your place of restaurants, cafes, and attractions using the interactive map.


  • There is no itinerary management hence no flight detail.

6. TripAdvisor

The age of automated trip planning for TripAdvisor is the old-school choice for many travel places. It has the largest community of travelers who help our fellow members on its dedicated forum. It can design its itinerary forum for TripAdvisor. You can plan your trips with an app. You can also book your hotel and flight.

They have fancy features like a master itinerary. The My Trips information about flights, and reminders that you would find the Google Trips but TripAdvisor does what it does best. You can bring tons of local and reliable information to your fingertips.


  • It can discover places restaurants, cafes, attractions, and more from its community-driven forum.
  • You can find obscure places from its forum.


  • There is no itinerary management hence no flight details.
  • It cannot work offline.

7. Kayak

This is popular for its fare aggregation service. It can also provide an option to organize your Travel Trips. In Kayak you can share your flight, hotel, and bookings, just like for Google Tips. It will put together all the information inside the application.


  • You can also automatic itinerary management for Google.
  • They can find flight details, gate information, and airport terminal.
  • They can work offline.
  • Share the itinerary, and tips with your family and friend.


  • It does not provide recommendations for touristy spots.

8. Roadtrippers

It is not for every traveler, But Roadtrippers are going on road trips than the simple indispensable. The Roadtrippers lets you your road trip on an interactive map where you can choose. It can destinations and restaurants, hotels, and points of interest or more. This tip is not necessarily for a Google Trip at alternative as it does not organize your itinerary.


  • It is the best for road travelers and bikers.
  • They can plan your itinerary by using an interactive map.
  • They can discover places of attractions, cafes, and restaurants along the way.
  • Works offline.


  • This is only for road Travelers.

9. PackPoint

The PackPoint is one of the best problems that can be encountered when trip planning. It can forget to pack everything. Where the PackPoint comes into saving my day is a free packing list organizer and planner for people who love to travel.


  • It is free to use.
  • Helps you to pack all the essentials.
  • The site is easy to understand and easy to use.


  • It can only help you with packing list items and does not offer any extra features

10. SaveTrip

The Google Trips alternative on this list is in the “SaveTrip” application. They can be excellent apps for frugal travelers. The SaveTrip is let you visualize your itineraries as a timeline. Google Maps can also know what is coming next. It will add notes (both text and images) to your list to keep track of important information.


  • It can help you to plan your budget.
  • You can support all currencies and automatically converts expenses into your home currency.
  • This SaveTrip can show a timeline view of the trip.


  • This is not available on iPhone or iOS.
  • The UI could be better.

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