Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport (CMN)

Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport (CMN) remains an urgent entryway to Morocco. It is situated roughly 30 kilometers south of the energetic city of Casablanca. Named after King Mohammed V, the airport fills in as a significant center point associating Morocco to the global air travel network.

Mohammed V International Airport plays an urgent part in working with both domestic and worldwide flights, inviting a large number of passengers annually. With its modern framework, different terminals, and a comprehensive scope of administrations. CMN is a central participant in improving the Morocco International Airport Code’s prominence in the aviation industry.

Whether taking care of business explorers, tourists exploring Morocco’s rich cultural tapestry, or those interfacing with different destinations. This Airport embodies the dynamic and cosmopolitan soul of Casablanca, offering a consistent and efficient travel experience for all.

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This International Airport is situated in Nouaceur Province, Morocco, and has a rich history dating back to its inception. In 1943 during the Second Great War, initially filled in as a military airfield for the US Army Air Forces.

Named after the late Sultan Mohammed V of Morocco, the airport has advanced into the country’s most active center point. It serves as a crucial gateway for both domestic and worldwide flights, with various airlines operating routes to destinations across Africa, Europe, the Middle East, then some.


This Airport is located around 30 kilometers southeast of Casablanca city area in Morocco. The location of the airport is Nouaceur Province, Casablanca, Morocco.

As the essential gateway to the country, the airport serves a great many travelers annually, offering domestic and worldwide trips to different destinations across the globe. With its cutting-edge facilities and strategic location, This International Airport plays a significant part in interfacing Morocco with the rest of the world.

Latest CMN Airport news

This International Airport reports the introduction of a new state-of-the-art terminal to upgrade the traveler experience and accommodate the growing influx of explorers.

Points of Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport

The terminal is outfitted with current conveniences and advanced technology, guaranteeing efficiency and accommodation for travelers. CMN introduces new flight routes to key objections, cultivating a network and facilitating smoother travel encounters for both domestic and worldwide passengers.

Interactive Map

Casablanca Mohammed v International Airport can map gives explorers a detailed and easy-to-use device to navigate the airport’s facilities efficiently. This digital map permits travelers to investigate different conveniences like terminals, gates, restaurants, shops, and transportation centers.

It empowers them to design their journey effectively and find fundamental administrations easily. With interactive highlights like zooming, clicking, and search functions, clients can pinpoint their current areas. It identifies focal points, upgrading their general travel experience and guaranteeing a smooth change among flights and terminals.


The departure experience at This International Airport epitomizes a mix of current efficiency and cultural vibrancy. Travelers explore through the terminal’s spacious and architecturally striking insides, adorned with Moroccan motifs and imaginative contacts, reflecting the country’s rich legacy.

Casablanca Airport’s departure process is described by severe safety efforts seamlessly integrated with respectful customer service. Travelers proceed through check-in counters and security-designated spots efficiently, working with cutting-edge innovation and attentive staff.


As travelers reach This International Airport, Morocco’s largest airport’s fantastic climate welcomes them. It is about 30 kilometers far from the city center of Casablanca and welcomes travelers worldwide.

Upon arrival, guests experience a modern and efficient facility outfitted with a scope of conveniences, including duty-free shops, and cafes offering nearby and worldwide cuisines. Its currency exchange services, and transportation choices to the city center and different destinations across Morocco.


The Terminal of This Airport addresses a clamoring nexus of worldwide travel, serving as a gateway to Morocco’s economic and social center point. With its cutting-edge building plan and efficient design, the terminal offers a consistent experience for travelers exploring its sweeping halls and facilities.

Boasting a myriad of conveniences including duty-free shops, and cafes offering a taste of Moroccan cuisine. The transition from Casablanca Airport Terminal 2 to 1 facilitates smooth connections and upgrades the general efficiency of traveler transit. This Airport has helpful transportation services, the terminal takes care of the different requirements of both leisure and business travelers the same.


This International Airport offers a scope of parking choices that take care of the necessities of travelers. The parking facilities include short-term and long-term parking regions strategically placed close to the terminals, guaranteeing simple access for passengers.

With secure and sufficiently bright spaces, travelers can leave their vehicles with peace of mind while they set out on their journeys. The airport gives valet parking services for added comfort, permitting travelers to park their vehicles easily before their flights.


The shopping experience at This Airport offers a different array of choices, taking care of the necessities and preferences of explorers from around the world. From luxury boutiques including famous worldwide brands to locally inspired souvenir shops, the airport’s retail scene mirrors the social wealth of Morocco.

Travelers can investigate different duty-free outlets offering a variety of products, including fashion apparel, electronics, and traditional Moroccan handicrafts. The Shops of CMN strive to give a consistent shopping experience, characterized by comfort and quality, guaranteeing that travelers can indulge in retail therapy while crossing the dynamic corridors of the airport.

City Center

The City Center of This International Airport serves as a bustling center connecting travelers to the vibrant city of Casablanca, Morocco. This airport is around 30 kilometers far from the city area invites both domestic and worldwide flights and serves as the fundamental passage to the country.

Boasting new facilities and effective services, the airport guarantees consistent changes for travelers arriving or departing from this cosmopolitan metropolis.

Things To Do

This Airport offers various amenities and exercises to keep passengers involved during layovers or while awaiting flights. The explorers can visit the duty-free shops, bearing a range of local and worldwide things from luxurious brands to Moroccan handicrafts.

Furthermore, many restaurants and cafes take special care of different culinary tastes, which allows travelers to be involved in Moroccan delicacies or snatch a quick bite before their next flight. This airport also provides a comfortable and luxurious sitting area and lounges with the availability of Wi-Fi for passengers looking for some rest.

Visa And Immigration

At This International Airport, the visa and immigration procedure is meticulously managed to guarantee smooth entry for passengers. Upon arrival, travelers are directed to designated immigration counters where prepared officials effectively process visa applications and direct necessary immigration checks.

Based on nationality and travel arrangements, travelers may be asked to submit authentic passports, visas, and other related documents for entry into Morocco. Devoted staff members provide help and guidance to facilitate the process, guaranteeing compliance with immigration guidelines and maintaining security standards.


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  • Atlas Airport Hotel
  • Atlas Sky Airport Hotel
  • ONOMO Hotel Casablanca Airport
  • Relax Airport Hotel


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  • Currency Exchange
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  • Check-in Counters
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  • Lounges
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  • Wi-Fi Services

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Airport type Public
Owner ONDA
Operator ONDA
Serves Casablanca, Morocco
Location Nouasseur
Hub for
  • Air Arabia Maroc
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Royal Air Maroc Express
Elevation AMSL 656 ft / 200 m
Coordinates 33°22′02″N 007°35′23″W
Direction Length Surface
m ft
17L/35R 3,720 12,205 Asphalt
17R/35L 3,720 12,205 Asphalt
Passengers (2022) 7,637,643
Passenger change 19-22  -25.94%
Aircraft movements (2022) 67,074
Economic & social impacts (2012) $731 million

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are there two airports in Casablanca?

Ans: Yes, there are two airports in Casablanca which mainly serves domestic and private flights both are the primary international airport.

  • Mohammed V International Airport
  • Casablanca-Anfa Airport

Q: What is CMN City?

Ans: It typically refers to Casablanca Mohammed v International Airport, not a city.

Q: What is the main airport in Morocco?

Ans: Mohammed V International Airport is the main airport in Morocco, which is located close to Casablanca. Mohammed V International Airport hub for both domestic and worldwide flights.

Q: Is the Casablanca airport big? 

Ans: Yes, Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Africa which handles millions of travelers yearly.

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