Abha International Airport (AHB) is situated in the beautiful city of Abha in the Asir Province of Saudi Arabia and serves as a vital passage to the district’s dazzling scenes and cultural attractions. It is nestled in the verdant mountains, and the airport gives both domestic and global connectivity, working with travel to and from this captivating destination.

Abha is also known for its wonderful environment and scenic beauty and welcomes guests through this modern and well-equipped airport. With a developing number of travelers investigating the rich heritage and natural wonders of Asir, Abha International Airport stands as a demonstration of the locale’s increasing prominence in the travel industry area. Abha’s airport offers effective administration and inviting facilities, reflecting the city’s warm hospitality.

Top 14 Interesting Points of Abha International Airport (AHB)

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Points of Abha International Airport


This International Airport has a rich history tracing back to its foundation as an essential flying center point in the southwestern district of Saudi Arabia. Initially worked to serve the city of Abha and its encompassing regions, the airport has gone through huge extensions and renovations over the years to accommodate the developing requests for air travel.


This International Airport is located in the city of Abha and stands as an essential flying center point connecting the region to domestic and worldwide objections. It is situated roughly 24 kilometers upper east of the downtown area, Abha Airport location is King Fahd Road, Abha 62561, Saudi Arabia. Its essential area serves voyagers investigating the picturesque scenes and cultural richness of the Asir Province.

Latest AHB Airport News

Stay updated with the latest improvements at This Airport with our comprehensive news coverage. From Abha International Airport flight schedule and terminal improvements to safety efforts and airport events, our news portal keeps travelers informed about everything occurring at one of Saudi Arabia’s key aviation center points. Discover insights, announcements, and updates to guarantee a smooth and pleasant travel experience through AHB.

Interactive Map

The interactive map of This Airport provides travelers with a comprehensive overview of the airport’s design and offices. Offering natural navigation features, guests can undoubtedly find check-in counters, departure gates, baggage claim areas, and conveniences like cafes and lounges. The interactive map improves travel definite information for smooth navigation at the airport.


The departure area of This Airport buzzes with anticipation as explorers set out on adventures everywhere. Travelers wind through clamoring hallways, eager to board their flights and start their undertakings. The modern terminal, upgraded with a smooth design and expansive windows, creates a vaporous mood. In the flurry of activity, airport staff capably guide explorers through check-in and security techniques, ensuring smooth changes from land to air.


Abha Airport’s arrivals area welcomes travelers to the captivating scenes of the Asir region in southwestern Saudi Arabia. Travelers land on trips to find the district’s rich cultural heritage and natural excellence. Abha International Airport AHB address In the bustling atmosphere, guests leave on their journeys with anticipation. The modern facilities and effective administrations guarantee a consistent transition from air travel to exploration, as travelers step into the lively tapestry of Abha and its encompassing destinations.


The terminal of This Airport embodies modernity and usefulness, inviting travelers to the lively city of Abha in Saudi Arabia’s southwestern area. The terminal offers a consistent travel experience, working with smooth changes from check-in to boarding gates. From the moment passengers step inside, they are welcomed by spacious halls and a scope of conveniences to guarantee comfort and convenience during their journey.


This Airport offers convenient parking facilities for travelers and guests the same. The parking region gives more than space for both short-term and long-term parking, guaranteeing simple entry and accommodation for passengers. With designated regions for various kinds of vehicles and clear signage, exploring the parking area is direct. Whether dropping off travelers or leaving vehicles for extended periods, explorers can depend on secure and well-maintained parking choices at Abha International Airport.


The shops at This International Airport offer a wonderful cluster of goods and services, taking care of the necessities and preferences of travelers going through this bustling flying center point. From duty-free outlets displaying extravagant brands to quaint souvenir shops featuring neighborhood craftsmanship, there is something for everybody. Travelers can browse through a different determination of things, including traditional Saudi artifacts and travel fundamentals, making their airport experience both helpful and memorable.

City Center

The city center of Abha, accessible from This International Airport, embodies a mix of social legacy and modern charm nestled in the core of the Asir region of Saudi Arabia. With its beautiful scenes and gentle environment, The city center offers scenic views, modern shopping, and vibrant dining. The city center serves as a vibrant center where guests can submerge themselves in the rich tapestry of Saudi Arabian culture and hospitality.

Things To Do

Abha International Airport (AHB) offers travelers various exercises and conveniences to enjoy during their time at the airport. From exploring local handicraft shops and testing conventional food at the airport’s restaurants to taking in the beautiful perspectives of the Asir Mountains from perception decks. Visitors can also loosen up in agreeable lounges, connect with friends and family using free Wi-Fi, or browse duty-free shops for souvenirs.

Visa And Immigration

The Visa and Immigration section of This Airport remains the gateway to the enchanting Asir region of Saudi Arabia, guaranteeing a smooth section for travelers from around the world. Monitored by professional personnel, this department meticulously processes visas and passports, keeping up with severe adherence to security conventions while facilitating efficient traveler clearance.


  • Boudl Abha
  • La Fontaine Sarat Abha Hotel
  • Abha Palace Hotel
  • Abha Hotel
  • Habala Village Resort


  • Information Desks
  • Wi-Fi Services
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Currency Exchange
  • Car Rental Services
  • Parking (Short Stay, Long Stay)
  • Check-in Counters
  • Baggage Claim Services
  • Immigration and Customs
  • Lounges
  • Duty-Free Shops
Airport type Public
Owner State
Operator Government
Serves Abha / Khamis Mushait
Location ‘Asir Province, Saudi Arabia
Elevation AMSL 6,858 ft / 2,090 m
Coordinates 18°14′25″N 042°39′24″E
Direction Length Surface
m ft
13/31 3,350 10,991 Asphalt

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Which is the nearest airport to Abha Saudi Arabia?

Ans: Abha Worldwide Airport is closest to Abha Saudi Arabia. This airport is located in the southwestern region of the nation and is a pivotal transportation center that makes it simple to get to Abha and the beautiful Asir region.

Q: How long is the runway at Abha Airport?

Ans: The runway at Abha International Airport is approximately 3,048 meters or 10,000 feet long. This runway is built to accommodate a wide range of airplane sizes and ensures departures and arrivals at the airport.

Q: Is Abha a good place to live?

Ans: Abha is situated in the lovely Asir region of Saudi Arabia, and offers an exceptional blend of ordinary magnificence and a brilliant environment. Abha is considered a perfect place to live due to its amazing landscapes, welcoming community, and moderate climate.

Q: Which is the main airport in Saudi Arabia?

Ans: The main airport in Saudi Arabia is King Abdulaziz Worldwide Airport in Jeddah. Serving as a significant passage to the country, it handles a critical volume of domestic and international flights, working with travel to and from different objections worldwide.

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